Bald Chimp Attack Video

Chimp Fight
Chimp Fight

Two hairless chimps, believed to be father and son, are videotaped chasing and hitting each other at the Twycross Zoo in Atherstone, Warwickshire, UK. Soon the rest of the chimps in the enclosure join in the brawl. The two bald chimps appear to have Alopecia universalis, an autoimmune disorder in which their immune system attacks their hair follicles.

The Chimp enclosures I’ve seen at zoos always seem to have some kind of moat that would prevent them from escaping. The walls of the enclosure in the video, while high, seem like they could be scaled by organized chimps. According to a 2006 study, bonobos can jump one-third higher than top-level human athletes and their legs can generate as much force as humans nearly two times heavier. Although chimps have been rumored to be five times stronger than humans, they actually have “only” double the pulling strength. So, if a group of humans could balance on each others shoulders and climb over the wall, why couldn’t chimps do the same thing? Chimps are continuing to surprise us with their similarities to humans, like chimp spirituality, for example, and its not out of the realm of possibilities that chimps could figure out a way to scale the wall. The reality of loose chimpanzees is horrifying as chimps have proven on many occasion their brutal and merciless fighting techniques.

Chimp Attack

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