Ladyboy Attacks
Ladyboy Attacks

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Thailand “ladyboys” are aggressively attacking attacking tourists to rob them and also severely harassing them for sex. If they’re turned down they sometimes become violent:

Pattaya police were called to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital on Second Road in Central Pattaya after being informed by the Sawang Boriboon Rescue Team that a drunken German male tourist had been admitted with facial injuries after being attacked and robbed by two ladyboys. At the emergency room at the hospital, officers found 45 year old Mr. Muller with a broken nose and other wounds after being hit in the face with a rock by one of the ladyboys on Soi 5 off Jomtien Beach Road. Apparently, according to his female friend, Muller had been approached by the ladyboys to have a sexual relationship, which apparently he accepted. However, on the way to the hotel, the ladyboys pounced on him. Quickly one hit his face; the other rifled through his pockets and stole about 4,000 baht, leaving the German dazed on the ground. An investigation has been set up to find the culprits.

The incident covered in the above video is by no means isolated. Below is video covering one of many such attacks. Stay away from Thailand’s ladyboys!

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