Baltimore TV Station Bomb Scare

Baltimore Bomb Threat
Baltimore Bomb Threat

Here’s the breakdown:

1. Man gives a bomb threat to Fox 45 television station in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday morning, April 28, 2016.
Address: 2000 W 41st St, Baltimore, MD 21211

2. The TV station was evacuated.

3. A vehicle was set on fire in the parking lot, shortly before the assailant broke in the TV station building. The man, wearing a surgical mask and sunglasses, and dressed in a panda jumpsuit, then threatened to blow up the building if he wasn’t allowed on air coverage of his conspiracy theory. The suspect apparently had a flash drive with information he wanted broadcast.

4. The man later walked outside the building and was shot by police. He was injured and taken into custody. No others were injured. The investigation continues.

Watch the above video for more info and visuals.

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