Topless Albanian Newscaster

Zjarr TV news
Zjarr TV news

Greta Hoxha, 24, has become a sensation in Albania, reading the news while wearing an open top jacket and no blouse or bra underneath. Greta
recently took the place of another similarly attired newscaster, Enki Bracaj, 21, who was fired for posing in Playboy.

Enki Bracaj
Former anchorlady Enki Bracaj

Albania is a conservative country with a mostly Muslim population but apparently they have more liberal standards than the US in regard to news presentation. By all accounts, the TV network, Zjarr TV, known to English speakers as Fire TV, is not the equivalent of Toronto based adult channel “Naked News”, which features naked anchorwomen and reporters. Zjarr TV appears to be a mainstream network that tries to be fair and balanced. Newswoman Greta’s mission is clear, “I want to send the message that when people tune in to my show they will get the ‘naked’ truth, nothing slanted left or right.” Zjarr TV has a live feed but it was temporarily not available when I tried to watch.

Greta Hoxha’s minimalist wardrobe is reminiscent of that of Jenny Scordamaglia from Miami TV(see video below). Mark Anders Channel senses a trend in news media garb that, if adopted, could turn out to be a successful model for the US news industry.

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