World’s Hottest Weather Girl

Mexican Weather Reporter
Mexican Weather Reporter

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Video description:

Can YOU see why this clip of Mexican weather presenter Susana Almeida has gone viral?

THIS video of weather girl Susana Almeida has gone viral, but is she now the world’s sexiest TV star?

Susana Almeida was just a weather girl in Mexico until this clip of her presenting on live TV went viral.

While Susana was telling the nation what kind of weather to expect, viewers had other things on their mind.

Wearing a black sleeveless top, the youngster was looking smart and ready for work.

She was holding the remote control to the screen behind her in her hand, which was down by her waist for the first part of the show.

But upon moving her hands, Susana unveiled a rather embarrassing situation with her trousers.

As it would happen, the stunning TV star was wearing trousers perhaps a size too small.

The material had gathered around her crotch and appeared to give her what is known online as a ‘camel toe’.

Unaware of the situation, Susana carried on presenting the weather with a huge smile on her face.

Little did she know the video of her presenting was set to go viral around the world when one plucky viewer uploaded it to site Imgur.

Since that fateful moment thousands of people have watched, and liked, the short snapshot of the news.

One Imgur user said: “This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another added: “Those curves are dangerous, it is a good think I like danger! Those curves are 15MPH but I would take them at 40MPH! Dayyyummm, them curves!”

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