Mother, Jugs, and Speed

Mother, Jugs, and Speed
Mother, Jugs, and Speed

Mother, Jugs, and Speed(1976) is one of those movies that wants to be raunchy but at the same time feels the need to “teach” the audience the writer’s brand of morality. The film is a dark comedy about an independent Los Angeles ambulance company trying to scrape by financially in a competitive ambulance company market.  “Mother” Tucker is played by Bill Cosby, Raquel Welch is Jennifer aka Jugs, and Harvey Keitel plays Tony “Speed” Malatesta.

Larry Hagman plays a mean-spirited disgraceful ambulance company employee who writers saw fit to portray as a man who tries to have sexual relations with an unconscious patient in the back of an ambulance driven by the noble Bill Cosby. Noble and moral Cosby thwarts evil Larry Hagman’s molestation attempt. In a subsequent scene Bill Cosby knocks the crap out of Hagman’s character, totally brutalizing him with punch upon punch about the face. Unrelated to the attempted rape scene is another scene where Bill Cosby’s character makes a rape joke.

As you already know, the irony and insanity of the writers propping up Bill Cosby’s character as an anti-rape crusader is that Bill Cosby has been accused of rape by over 50 women. The irony is further punctuated by accusations that Cosby raped the women after he gave them drugs to make them unconscious. What Cosby is accused of doing in real life is much worse than what Larry Hagman’s fictional character did in the movie. Larry Hagman is deceased, but poetic justice would have been a scene where Larry Hagman beats the living crap out of Bill Cosby. That same scene should end with Larry Hagman slapping the producers for working out their own personal politically correct issues while, in real life, they employed and canonized an actor who, by 1976, if you don’t believe Cosby’s alleged rape victims are lying, had already raped.

gene hackman
Gene Hackman was originally offered the role of “Mother”.

What further gives Mother, Jugs, and Speed a black eye is that, during the film’s production, Bill Cosby took, a then 19 year old, Margie Shapiro to the Playboy mansion where, by her account, he then drugged and raped her in the backyard guest house so nobody would see it.

Raquel Welch was my reason to endure Mother, Juggs, and Speed. All will be forgiven when computer generated effects aka deepfakes replace Bill Cosby with Gene Hackman, who was originally offered the role but turned it down.

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