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Plunder Road is a low budget but well crafted film noir movie about five guys who pull off a gold heist and their subsequent getaway. The one thing you can count on in almost any American crime movie made between 1935 and the late 1960s is that the bad guys will not get away with it. The Motion Picture Production Code, sometimes called the Hays Code, required movie makers to exercise special care not to show sympathy for criminals. Therefore you know the criminals are not going to get away with it but you just don’t know how.

The movie is only 72 minutes and jumps right into the the story. On a rainy night, five men a rob a US mint train carrying a $10,000,000 gold shipment to San Francisco. After the heist, they split up in three vehicles, with equal shares of the gold. The mastermind named Eddie, played by Gene Raymond, gives the men specific rules of conduct so as not to draw attention to themselves and get caught. The rest of the story is their getaway. They don’t delve too deeply into the back stories of the characters as that would slow down the pacing. There is enough tension that you never get bored. Eddie and another accomplice Frankie, played by Steven Ritch, eventually meet up with Eddie’s wife who is in on the heist and will help facilitate their getaway to Mexico.

Even though Plunder Road is roughly 60 years old, there aren’t enough cliches for most to know what’s coming next. Check it out here:

plunder road
Plunder Road, 1957

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