Amazing Drone Shots of Craters Over Greece

Gteece Craters
Gteece Craters

Video Description:

These majestic craters awe visitors. From the sky they are an incredible, eerie, alien sight.
Enjoy a flight over and inside craters in Didyma, Argolida.
Scientists speculate that these are fallen caves but their appearance is reminiscent of meteor craters, such as those found on the Moon.
The absolute silence prevails in the interior, broken only by the tweets of birds which are heard with echo because of the circular shape of the craters.
In one of two craters there are two churches of Byzantine and post-Byzantine period (11th Century – 14century).
The depth of the small crater is 80 meters within the layers of silt and the diameter is 150 m. Internal vertical walls where someone descends through a tiered portico is rooted the Transfiguration churches in the north and St George in the south. Both churches are carved into the rock. Inside St. George there are inscriptions in Latin characters, a historic inscription that marks the passage of Thomas Paleologos, Ruler of the Peloponnese as well as an old stone baptistery. East of the church there is a small reservoir whose walls are coated with a kind of porcelain and east to a height of 25 meters a hole called “Askitareio” where hermits reached with rope.
In Didyma Argolidas, during spring season takes place the celebration of tulips as the area is one of the few areas in Greece where native tulips grow.

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