World’s oldest tree turns 4,847 this year and is in a top-secret location

World's Oldest Tree
World's Oldest Tree

This is Methuselah named tree of 4,847 years old Great Basin bristlecone pine(Pinus longaeva) is located at Inyo County, Californiua, United States.Plant life has a very variable duration; of course, are the longest-lived trees and plants in each country include real monuments plants. It is however difficult to determine with accuracy the age of a plant because the traditional method of counting the annual rings of the trunk growth strongly depends on the variability of climatic factors, especially in the long run. more precise dating can be obtained with the 14 C radioactive carbon.
It seems, however, that the oldest tree in the world is a pine, Pinus longaeva, which grows in the western United States (California, Nevada, Utah) where specimens older than 4000 years (4800 years have been found according to some). In the United States a redwood tree, called the General Sherman tree has an age of 2500-3000 years. Other long-lived trees are the Huon pine (Lagarostrobus franklinii) endemic of Tasmania and dated 2000-2500 years.

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