Donald Trump Thug Life Compilation

Donald Trump Thug Life Compilation
Donald Trump Thug Life Compilation

Top Donald Trump Candidate Insults

Trump on Bernie Sanders
“is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!”         “he would be so easy to beat!”       “wacko”        “a disaster”

Trump on Jeb Bush
“low energy”       “just got contact lenses and got rid of the glasses. He wants to look cool, but it’s far too late”“hypocrite”         “Just another clueless politician!”         “has no clue” “failed campaign”       “How can @JebBush beat Hillary Clinton- if he can’t beat anyone else on the #GOPDebate stage with $150M?”      “lightweight”            “spending a fortune of special interest against me in SC”         “lightweight”       “desperate and sad”        “Weak”         “gave up and enlisted Mommy and his brother”      “Weak”         “Jeb failed as Jeb”         “no chance”          “by far the weakest of the lot”       “has gone nasty with lies”         “Not a leader!”         “failed campaign”        “Sad!”           “A pathetic figure!”         “desperate”            “spent a fortune of special interest money on a Super Bowl ad”         “weak candidate”            “zero communication skills”        “had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me”         “total disaster”         “will do anything to stay at the trough”         “at the bottom of the barrel”         “low energy guy”         “he should go home and relax!”          “low energy”           “sad sack”           “chances of winning are zero”           “did poorly last night in the debate”           “weak & ineffective”           “campaign is a disaster”            “low-energy individual”           “has no chance”           “low-energy ‘stiff’”           “a sad case”           “a total embarrassment to himself and his family”           “took millions of $’s of hit ads on me”              “spent $59 million & done”           “failed candidate”           “ridiculous”          “SO SAD”           “poor”           “he’s bottom (and gone), I’m top (by a lot)”         “really pathetic”           “phony”           “low energy”           “campaign is a disaster”           “weak”           “can’t win”           “a loser”           “a basket case”           “terrible on Face the Nation”           “false advertising”           “ineffective”           “weak”           “campaign is a disaster”           “puppet”           “puppet”           “cratered”           “if Jeb Bush were more competent he could not have lost the skirmish with Marco”           “stupid message”           “VERY weak on illegal immigration”           “campaign is in total disarray”           “paid ridiculous amounts of money”            “if he can’t manage his campaign, how can he manage our countries finances?”           “had a tiny 300 person crowd”           “totally lost”           “too soft”          “our country needs more energy and spirit than you can provide!”           “pathetic”“doubled Florida State debt”           “no more Bushes”         “fell more than anybody”         “is miserable”           “just doesn’t get it”            “will never secure the border”           “will NEVER Make America Great Again”

Hillary Clinton
“incompetent”           “has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life!”         “Who should star in a reboot of Liar Liar- Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz? Let me know.”           “not presidential material”           “a major national security risk”“such bad judgement”           “lied last week”           “doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be president”           “totally flawed candidate”           “stupidity”           “pathetic”           “SAD!”      “LIED at the debate last night”           “We need a #POTUS with great strength & stamina. Hillary does not have that.”           “lied”           “disloyal person”         “weak and ineffective”         “no strength, no stamina”           “does not have the STRENGTH or STAMINA to be President”           “will be soundly defeated”          “won’t call out radical Islam”           “afraid of Obama & the emails”           “SHE HAS NO STRENGTH OR STAMINA”           “weak”           “corruption is what she’s best at”           “no strength or stamina”           “totally incompetent as a manager and leader”         “she looked lost”           “her record is so bad”           “the trade deal is a disaster, she was always for it.”

Ted Cruz
“losing big”         “weak”        “just another dishonest politician”         “lyin’”         “Mormons don’t like LIARS!”         “Lyin’”           “Who should star in a reboot of Liar Liar- Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz? Let me know.”         “a big problem!”           “lyin’”         “desperate”        “lyin’”         “his lying is getting worse”         “can’t win!”         “Lyin’”    “bought and paid for by lobbyists!”       “LYIN’ TED”         “another all talk, no action pol!”           “he has accomplished absolutely nothing”           “lying”         “choker”         “loser”           “a nasty guy”         “liar”         “lies like a dog-over and over again!”         “does not have the right ‘temperment’ to be President”         “disloyal”         “biggest liar in politics!”         “a world class LIAR”         “a true lowlife pol!”         “lying”         “a liar!”         “complete & total liar”         “holds the Bible high and then lies and misrepresents the facts!”         “a cheater!”    “LIES!”         “Nasty”         “cheater”         “I have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen”         “lies so much and is so dishonest”         “the worst liar, crazy or very dishonest”           “caught cold in lie”         “should be immediately disqualified in Iowa”       “just lied again”         “told thousands of caucusgoers (voters) that Trump was strongly in favor of ObamaCare and ‘choice’ – a total lie!”         “fraud” “sent out a VOTER VIOLATION certificate to thousands of voters”         “didn’t win Iowa, he illegally stole it”           “lying on so many levels”         “totally unelectable”         “deceptive”         “dishonest”       “can’t even get a Senator like @BenSasse, who is easy, to endorse him”         “Not one Senator is endorsing Canada Ted!”         “will do anything to stay at the trough”         “dropping like a rock”         “reckless”         “a nervous wreck”         “not caring for the truth” “in bed w/ Wall St.”         “puppet!”         “people do not like Ted”         “a nervous wreck”       “falling in the polls”           “spending $millions on ads paid for by his N.Y. bosses”        “hypocrite”            “greatly dishonest”         “When will @TedCruz give all the New York based campaign contributions back to the special interests that control him.”         “hypocrite”         “why did he accept money from people who espouse gay marriage?”         “says one thing for money, does another for votes”         “the ultimate hypocrite”         “did not list on his personal disclosure form personally guaranteed loans from banks. They own him!”         “The Ted Cruz wiseguy apology to the people of New York is a disgrace”         “not much of a reformer”         “Goldman Sachs owns him”         “not believable”         “not nice”         “would speak behind my back, get caught, and then deny it”       “should not make statements behind closed doors to his bosses”         “he will fall like all others”

Marco Rubio
“bought and paid for by lobbyists!”         “will never MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”         “worst voting record in the U.S. Senate in many years”       “Lightweight”       “lightweight”       “Dishonest”         “he is scamming Florida”          “dishonest lightweight”          “fraud lightweight”         “big loser”          “lightweight” “failed presidential candidate”          “Rubio puts out ad that my pilot was a drug dealer- not true, not my pilot!” “a joke!”           “worst record” “never even shows up to vote”           “Interesting how my numbers have gone so far up since lightweight Marco Rubio has turned nasty. Love it!”           “lightweight”           “Phony”           “treated America’s ICE officers ‘like absolute trash’ in order to pass Obama’s amnesty”           “gave amnesty to criminal aliens guilty of ‘sex offenses.’ DISGRACE!”           “all talk and no action” “just another Washington D.C. politician”           “Little”           “poor work ethic!”           “Little” “the lightweight no show Senator from Florida, just another Wshington politician”           “set to be the ‘puppet’ of the special interest Koch brothers”           “Little”           “the lightweight no show Senator from Florida”           “lightweight Senator”           “the lightweight from Florida”           “little”           “lightweight”           “not as smart as Cruz, and may be an even bigger liar”           “lightweight”           “lightweight”           “lightweight”           “Doesn’t even show up for votes!”           “once a choker, always a choker!”           “Mr. Meltdown”           “he is a choker, and once a choker, always a choker!” “lightweight”           “Lightweight”           “Mr. Meltdown”           “not presidential material!”           “looks like a little boy on stage”           “not presidential material”           “looks like a little boy on stage”           “Lightweight choker”           “lightweight choker”           “Lying”           “very weak on illegal immigration”           “a lightweight choker”           “couldn’t even respond properly to President Obama’s State of the Union Speech without pouring sweat & chugging water”           “a highly overrated politician”           “cannot be President”           “only won the debate in the minds of desperate people”           “lightweight”           “very disloyal to Jeb”           “weak on illegal immigration”           “VERY weak on illegal immigration”           “perfect little puppet”           “very disloyal”           “never made ten cents”           “totally controlled”           “lazy” “worst voting record in Senate” “all talk and no action” “very weak on stopping illegal immigration” “knows nothing about finance”           “VERY weak on immigration”           “incapable of making great trade deals”           “lightweight” “rarely there to vote on a bill”           “worst attendance record in Senate”           “will allow anyone into the country”           “weak on illegal immigration”           “truly doesn’t have a clue!”           “just another all talk, no action, politician”           “worst voting record in Sen.”           “worst voting record in Senate”

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