Free the Nipple Movement

Free the Nipple
Free the Nipple

Watch the UCSD video here.

Free the Nipple is a topfreedom campaign named after Lina Esco’s 2014 film Free the Nipple. The campaign argues for female toplessness to be permissible in all areas that men and boys are allowed to be topless, as well as opposing social media censorship. The movement aims to advance gender equality and to oppose sexual objectification.

Despite changes in statutes and regulations legalizing toplessness for women in a number of states, women are still at risk for being charged with public indecency, disturbing the peace, or lewd behavior. One such woman was Phoenix Feeley, arrested and incarcerated for being topless in the state of New York in the year 2005. Because it was proven that the law was misapplied—considering female toplessness had been legal for nearly 15 years in the state of New York—Feeley was released and later received $29,000 in damages.

In 2015, the campaign received attention in Iceland and was supported by MP Björt Ólafsdottir, who posted a topless photo of herself, in solidarity with a teenage activist who had received harassment for doing the same.


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