Boston Dynamics New “Atlas” Robot

Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot
Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot

Mark my words. Robots will be taking millions upon millions, if not billions, of jobs away from people all around the world and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, because its progress. There have been those in the past that have tried to stop progress but they are mocked and ridiculed in the present. Take, for example, the Luddites:

The Luddites were 19th-century English textile workers (or self-employed weavers who feared the end of their trade) who protested against newly developed labour-economizing technologies, primarily between 1811 and 1816. The stocking frames, spinning frames and power looms introduced during the Industrial Revolution threatened to replace them with less-skilled, low-wage labourers, leaving them without work. The Luddite movement culminated in a region-wide rebellion in Northwestern England that required a massive deployment of military force to suppress.

What’s coming in the near future is not machines that make your job easier, its about putting you out of work and totally replacing you with a robot. Predictions are that half of US jobs will be done by robots by 2050. Its progressing that quickly. You think Uber cares about their drivers’ futures? Uber is a partner on autonomous car research with the University of Arizona. That’s right, driverless cars. Time magazine recently did a story on a  32-acre driverless car “city” on the University of Michigan campus that allows engineers to fine tune robot cars. Putting taxi drivers out of business is the tip of the iceberg. Every conceivable delivery job will be at risk. Its not just human driven vehicle delivery jobs that will go the way of the dinosaurs. If you haven’t already watched the above video, take the time to look at Boston Dynamics New “Atlas” Robot. You don’t have to be very imaginative to see where that technology is going and how many human jobs it will replace. And that technology is progressing RAPIDLY.

You think losing jobs to overseas workers is bad? What is coming in a few short decades will be horrifying. A huge portion of the workforce will lose employment and not able to feed their families, much less live their dreams. Eventually, there may be a “utopia” where robots do all the work and all humans reap the benefits, but life is conflict and, just like you can’t write a good story without conflict, life without conflict is impossible. There will always be something. In the meantime, there will be one hell of a transition as hundreds of millions lose their employment to robots. That’s not just going to affect your parents generation, that’s going affect you!

So, what can you do about it? Try to rally and try stop the inevitable? Its progress. You’ll be ridiculed just like the Luddites were and still are. All you can do is try to stay one step ahead and train for jobs that robots won’t replace but they’re going to be replacing a hell of a lot more than truck drivers and manual laborers. They’ll eventually be able to do anything humans do better than humans. But let’s worry about Will Smith not getting an Oscar and other trivia, let’s ignore the problem on the horizon that will not discriminate against who it will devastate.

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