Self-driving robots deliver food to your door

Delivery Robot
Delivery Robot

This is your future. In 30 years robots will have replaced half of American jobs. That’s okay because there will be new jobs for humans, taking the place of their lost jobs, right? WRONG, its far from okay. There will be some but not nearly enough new jobs to make up for the jobs the new robotic work force takes over. In other words, A LOT of people will be jobless. Everyone thinks its just going to effect people other than themselves. There’s already a way to take any article, run it through software(robot) and have a brand new non-plagiarized article. You no longer need humans to re-write news stories for different publications. Software can. You don’t think that’s going to put many writers out of business? Believe me, if you can already put many writers out of business, you can eventually replace everyone. Artificially technology is increasing exponentially.

The above video is about robots delivering food to your door. Yet, one more example of robots replacing humans., However, this particular idea may have a few bugs to be worked out. How do you prevent people from stealing or sabotaging the robot? Sure, there are video cameras on the robot but a thief or saboteur could wear a ski mask. Do they also have alarms? Are they only going to deliver food in crime free neighborhood? Maybe they have worked out most of the bugs and thought of all possible contingencies but time will tell.

What will the thousands of human delivery drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, etc… do when they are replaced by robots in the near future? Do you really think new jobs will appear as quickly as robots are replacing the old ones?

Boston Dynamics New “Atlas” Robot

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