James Corden funnier than SNL?

James Corden Martin Short
James Corden Martin Short

I haven’t owned a TV set for years but what I do watch of television I catch on Youtube or somewhere else on the internet. I’ve seen a little bit of Fallon and Kimmel but very little else as far as late night shows. I recently caught this James Corden show skit and I must say that its better than most of the skits I’ve seen on Saturday Night Live, and the SNL writers have a whole week to prepare. Late Night talk shows have to crank out five shows a week.

Martin Short and James Corden turn Goodfellas, The Revenant, and Gladiator into musical numbers and its pretty darn entertaining as far as I’m concerned. Both these guys can sing and perform live pretty effectively. They’re joined at the end by Will Arnett who sounds like he can carry a tune as well.

Terminator, The Musical

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