Exploding Purse Prank Real?

Exploding Purse Prank Video
Exploding Purse Prank Video

Is this purse prank real? A bearded man dressed like a woman “accidentally” leaves behind his exploding purse which is subsequently stolen by thieves, each of which end up with a face full of paint. Not being a connoisseur of pranks, I didn’t question the authenticity of the prank until I watched a skeptic’s video.

The video below suggests that TwinsTv is pulling a prank on the audience. They say that the cameras would be easily spotted by the “purse thieves”. If actors and/or non-actors portraying robbers are indeed payed to participate, how much compensation would they receive for a violently splattered face and soiled clothing?

If the prank is actually genuine, is there a potential that the “victims” of exploding purses could sue? The exploding purse seems to be similar to the exploding dye packs that bank robbers get a face full of, so maybe they’re covered legally. Based on their other videos, I’d say the video is real, unless they are able to find a hell of a lot of “actors” willing to do stunts that can potentially hurt themselves badly.

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