Biggest Gorilla in the World of Arthur Jones

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Watch the video above to learn how Arthur Jones, the inventive mind behind the Nautilus machines and a pioneer of high-intensity training, made a profound revelation while contemplating on his pet gorilla Mickey. He realized that achieving remarkable strength and muscularity required only minimal exercise. Jones observed how animals like gorillas engaged in nearly inconsequential physical activity. Nevertheless, when these creatures did exercise, their efforts were intense but notably brief and infrequent.

Mickey, with his extraordinary strength and his role as an inspiration for the Nautilus empire and Arthur Jones’ high-intensity training methodology, held a unique place in promoting Nautilus machines. Prominent figures in the realm of bodybuilding, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Mike Mentzer, Casey Viator, Boyer Coe, Arthur Jones himself, and his wife Terri, have all benefited from the Nautilus pullover machine. However, none among them demonstrated the astonishing ease with which Mickey effortlessly lifted the entire weight stack, accompanied by Arthur’s courageous spouse, Terri, during the exceptional promotional event, seen in the accompanying video.

How Strong are Gorillas?

Gorillas, those magnificent creatures, exude tremendous physical might, particularly in their ability to lift and bear heavy loads. Allow me to elucidate some salient facets of their formidable strength:

  1. Muscular Bulk: Gorillas boast a formidable expanse of muscle, with fibers of remarkable potency, rendering them stalwart beings.
  2. Lifting Prowess: It is estimated that a gorilla’s physical potency is in the vicinity of tenfold its own body weight. This signifies that a fully grown male gorilla, with a weight ranging from 300 to 485 pounds (approximately 135 to 220 kilograms), possesses the capability to hoist or convey objects weighing approximately 3,000 to 4,850 pounds (roughly 1,350 to 2,200 kilograms).
  3. Knuckle-Walking Aptitude: Their adaptation for knuckle-walking bestows upon them the capacity to transport substantial burdens while utilizing their knuckles as points of support. This trait proves particularly valuable when conveying vegetation and other nourishment.
  4. Feats of Herculean Might: Gorillas have been observed bending and even rending asunder branches, making light work of the densest vegetation, and relocating ponderous impediments with grace and ease.
  5. Dominance Displays: Within gorilla social groups, the male specimens often employ their robustness in displays of dominance, a spectacle that includes percussive chest-beating and the resounding resonance produced by striking their robust chests with their fists.

It is paramount to comprehend that the extraordinary vigor of gorillas is predominantly harnessed for their natural behaviors, encompassing foraging for sustenance, crafting nests, and safeguarding their communal factions. They are, by their disposition, creatures of peace, opting for avoidance of strife whenever feasible. Their prodigious might stands as an essential asset for their survival within the realm of the wild.

Who was Nautilus Inventor Arthur Jones?

Arthur Jones, a man of diverse talents and broad knowledge, prided himself on embracing a holistic approach, a stark departure from the rigidity and myopia of specialists. This inclination, he attributed in part to his upbringing within a family of physicians whose perspectives on medicine, he found, were confined solely to their acquired teachings.

One of his cherished quotes, borrowed from Robert A. Heinlein, proclaimed that “specialization is for insects,” advocating for a broader, more versatile outlook. His unique experiences as a pilot supplied him with invaluable insights into the prerequisites for the development of exercise machines.

He ardently believed in the concept of the competent man, echoing Heinlein’s assertion that a man should possess the capacity to provide sustenance, construct a dwelling, tan hides, and even assist in the birth of a child.

Jones was an intrepid traveler and adventurer, often accompanied by his compatriot Roy Pinney, the cameraman for their syndicated television series, “Wild Cargo.” They would establish their abode in diverse locales for extended periods, including Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Mexico City. His life motto, encapsulated in the phrase “younger women, faster airplanes, and bigger crocodiles,” reflected his daring spirit.

At his Lake Helen, Florida, Nautilus facility, Jones nurtured Gomek, an impressive 18-foot saltwater crocodile, with the ambitious goal of achieving a world record size. His fascination extended to venomous arachnids and reptiles, and the facility housed an extensive collection of these creatures. Moreover, Jones ran a business centered on the importation of a menagerie of wild animals, ranging from tropical fish to snakes, parrots, and monkeys. His household included a jaguar named “Gaylord,” which enjoyed free rein of the residence, even sharing sleeping quarters with his daughter. In a remarkable endeavor, he retrofitted several jumbo jets for the transportation of 63 baby elephants orphaned in Africa, relocating them to his Jumbo Lair compound in Florida. This undertaking was documented for television audiences under the title “Operation Elephant.”

The visionary Jones conceived the “Jumbolair” estate, initially designed as a sanctuary spanning 350 acres, intended to house orphaned African elephants and other wildlife. Within the Jumbo Lair compound, he cared for two rhinoceroses and a robust 600-pound male silverback gorilla, affectionately named Mickey.

Following World War II, Jones ventured into the establishment and ownership of a zoo located in Slidell, Louisiana. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to found the MedX Corporation, a substantial investment amounting to 120 million dollars. The company’s mission revolved around the development of medical-based exercise and testing equipment tailored for the cervical spine, lumbar spine, and the knee.

In 1962, Jones expanded his creative horizons, wearing the hats of writer, producer, and director for the movie “Voodoo Swamp.”

In the rich tapestry of Arthur Jones’s life, his enduring commitment to exploring the multifaceted dimensions of the world and his ceaseless thirst for knowledge were the defining threads that wove together his remarkable story.

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