Elizabeth Warren/Native American Comparative Anatomy Morph



Elizabeth Warren is a US senator from Massachusetts who is primarily known by many for claiming privileged American Indian and/or native american minority ethnicity status for possible career advancement. However, her DNA test concluded that the vast majority of her ancestry is European.

Warren’s maiden name is Herring which can be English, Scottish, Dutch, and German. but she looks ethnically Dutch.
The Dutch, aka people from Holland aka The Netherlands are among the tallest people in the world. Dutch men average over 6 foot tall and dutch women over 5’7”.

Elizabeth Warren is even taller than average for even a Dutch woman at 5’8″. 5’8″ was also the average height of native american men as well as the height of prominent Apache leader and medicine man Geronimo who was considered tall for an Apache Indian man, who were on average a little shorter than Native American men as a whole. So Elizabeth Warren over excels at being a tall woman consistent in height to tall Dutch females and Geronimo hits the bulls eye for being the average height for a Native American male.

Let’s turn to facial features and For a moment, let’s compare the facial features of Dutch people just to a neighboring population, the British people. Some of the most obvious Dutch/British facial differences are that the Dutch have broader and longer faces and their noses are short and broader and more upturned than the British.

Comparing Elizabeth Warren’s facial features to a population with very similar physical characteristics, the British, her wide, short, upturned nose and a broad face consistent with the Dutch and not the British. And For clarification, Warren does have a tiny point to the end of her nose but as a whole her nose is on the broad side.

Now, contrast the Dutch to far away American Indian Tribes. Native Americans on average had shorter foreheads and lower hairlines, aquiline noses in other words Roman noses, broader cheekbones, broader mouths, as well as more almond-shaped eyes consistent with Asian populations, not to mention darker pigmentation such as hair, skin and eye color.

To quote an 1886 journalist describing Geronimo. “cooler features were never cut. the nose is broad and heavy. The forehead low and wrinkled . The chin full and strong. The eyes like two bits of obsidian with a light behind them. The mouth is the most noticeable feature, a sharp straight thin lipped gash of generous length and without one softening curve.”

Geronimo had thin lips, a prominent chin, and a forward projecting nose, and turned to the side he had features that were consistent with what Hollywood apparently considered a great profile…. as actor John Barrymore, Drew Barrymore’s grandfather, also noted for his profile, like Geronimo had a strong nose bridge and bold chin. John Barrymore was dubbed the Great Profile, starred in a movie called the great profile, and even cast his facial profile into the cement on Hollywood’s so called walk of fame in addition to the usual hands and shoe prints that everyone else did.

So, there are clearly features, like the aforementioned profile which some Europeans and Native Americans share…and also according to geneticist Bryan Sykes some native american tribes like the Ojibwe tribe, from the great lakes regions of the US have maternal DNA matches from Europe and not Siberia and Eastern Asia like most Native American tribes. …….. but On average however, we can conclude that Elizabeth Warren looks specifically Dutch and Geronimo looks specifically Native American and Elizabeth Warren can claim Native American heritage as much as Geronimo could have claimed to be Dutch.

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