Monster Titanoboa

Monster Titanoboa

If you keep watching our videos, we’ll make more images like the one that brought you here. Jurassic Gorilla, Gorilla Harry T-Shirt Titanoboa

mark anders titanoboa


Titanoboa, World’s Biggest Snake Max Outt, Southern California’s top personal trainer, narrates this Titanoboa awareness episode featuring a shapely blond bather. The animation was accomplished using multiple layers in Adobe’s After Effects program. The scene and atmosphere […]

Biggest lobster in the world

The Biggest Lobster in the World

Behind the scenes of  Mark Anders’ “The Biggest Lobster in World” The Mark Anders Channel responded to news about the fossilized remains of a giant prehistoric lobster by creating a video describing the discovery, it’s […]

megalodon shark oceanside california

Biggest Megalodon Shark

  Giant 60 foot Tall Shark on Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, California Harry Callahan and Paul Kersey discuss some of the real life issues sculptors must deal with when preparing to have their sculptures installed in public locations. […]