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Weaponizing Animals

insect drone
Mechanical insect drone

This episode is about incremental steps being taken to weaponize animals.  Not only can mini cameras and microphones be implanted on real insects but  scientists have been observing the movements of flying insects and have developed tiny drones which look like insects but are 100% mechanical and also have microphones and cameras.

As robots develop so, too, will the capacity to alter animals genetically . Today there are mechanical and DNA computers:

DNA computing is a branch of computing which uses DNA, biochemistry, and molecular biology hardware, instead of the traditional silicon-based computer technologies. DNA computing—or, more generally, biomolecular computing—is a fast-developing interdisciplinary area. Research and development in this area concerns theory, experiments, and applications of DNA computing. The term “molectronics” has sometimes been used, but this term had already been used for an earlier technology, a then-unsuccessful rival of the first integrated circuits; this term has also been used more generally, for molecular-scale technology.


Living creatures are, in a sense, DNA computers. Animals and even humans will be able to be altered to do the bidding of whoever controls them. Metal or flesh they will be robots.



navy weaponized dolphin
Weaponized military dolphin

Paul Kersey: “Jurassic Park was for real!”

Harry Callahan: ” Well, if you’re talking about weaponizing animals, it certainly is. They’ve already started. If you go back far enough they’ve had horses in warfare for millennium.”

Paul Kersey: “Dogs too. So, nothing’s out of the realm of possibility here. The navy’s using dolphins.

Harry Callahan: “And rats. They strap cameras on to rats to go in smaller places.”

Paul Kersey: “So, what are the obvious things that we’re missing here? Are they using insects? I mean, we see drones. We can see drones but, you know, that fly that’s flying around you could be a military fly.”

Harry Callahan: “Yeah, it all starts with the insects because they were trying to make little robotic drones and they realized it was ridiculous. We’re having a hell of a the time doing it. Why don’t we just strap a camera and stuff on to bugs. But, still they have limitations so they started going towards ‘why don’t we just control the nervous system of animals where we can make them stop, start, go’ and geez, if they can control animals entire functions they don’t even need a robot.”

guerrilla mandrill
Guerrilla Mandrill

Paul Kersey: “They’re always talking about they’ve got this chip under their skin. So, are what they’re doing now is taking computers and imbedding them intowild animals?”

Harry Callahan: “So, why not gorillas? We already talked about the drug cartels having exotic animals and they pit them against humans. They kidnapped humans and have them engage in like gladiator fights in Mexico. Why not gorillas because gorillas have a lot thicker tendons than humans.”
Paul Kersey: “Can you imagine sending an army of gorillas to fight your battle?”

Harry Callahan: “Yeah. Well they’re already 10 times stronger than humans. They can already scale buildings with no problem.”

Paul Kersey: “So you’ve got these guys in trailers in Las Vegas controlling drones over Afghanistan and Iraq. You’re going to have those same guys now with gorillas implanted with the computer technology. They’ll be controlling the gorillas, fighting the war.”

planet of the apes
Planet of the Apes


Harry Callahan: “Yeah, and this type of bio-hacking is something that you hear more about the future. Instead of hacking computers this is hacking biology. They can do that with any animal-with baboons. They’re going to be going after animals with human-likecharacteristics.”

Paul Kersey: “Well, I think the question here is “What aren’t they controlling?”.”

Harry Callahan: “I think apes like gorillas and chimpanzees are an interim step because they’re going to be doing all that with humans in the future. So, that’s leading up to humans.”

Paul Kersey: ” Planet of the Apes- that’s exactly what you’re talking about.”
George Taylor: “Take your stinking paws of me, you damn dirty ape.”


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