Brian Stelter Meme

brian stelter meme


I wanted to morph a human with a chimp to show realistically what a cross between the two would look like. I had this digital sculpture of CNN host Brian Stelter from another project so i decided to morph Stelter into a chimp. Stelter was smiling or “bearing his teeth”, so i had to make a chimp bearing its teeth to morph it to.

What is curious about Stelter in the first place is that, in the photos I’ve seen of Stelter, it appears that he was executing a facial expression that approximated a smile but wasn’t how humans conventionally express happiness. He always seems to be bearing his teeth rather than smiling
which brings us to a chimpanzee’s fear grimace vs a smile.
If they’re threatened, they put their teeth together, lips are opened wide displaying their upper and lower teeth, and their pupils become very small.
That fear grimace looks like a human smile but conversely human smiles can be seen as threatening to chimps. Chimps smile by covering their upper teeth with their mouth and just show lower teeth. So, the apparent smile simulation Stelter is exhibiting may seem non-conventional to humans but Stelter’s commonality to all humans is that his upper and lower teeth bearing could be considered threatening to chimpanzees.

Meme will be appearing on a search for Brian Stelter meme.

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