Modified Nerf Gun

Deadly Modified Nerf Gun

Nerf guns are basically toy air guns that shoot harmless foam darts, but with modifications can be turned into deadly weapons. In the video, toy gun modifier Joerg Sprave exchanges the Nerf gun’s spring with […]

Jonathan Tuhu Muay Thai knockout

Greatest Knockout Ever

Jonathan Tuhu’s Muay Thai Kick Boxing Spinning Kick Knockout in Newcastle, November 2014 View post on Muay Thai is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. This […]

Deadbeat at Dawn

Deadbeat At Dawn

Low budget 1970s films have become more widely known as “grindhouse” films since the release of the Tarantino/Rodriguez movie Grindhouse which was released theatrically as a Death Proof/Planet Terror double feature with added fictitious exploitation movie trailers by […]

Leopard Attack
Big Cats

Leopard Attack

The Indian city of Bangalore is the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state. Its the center of India’s high-tech industry but also has wild leopards living in it’s outskirts. A leopard wandered into the Vibgyor […]

Mark Anders Channel Animal Attack

Elephant Attack

Scroll down for the video where reporter Cliff Clifford compares his wife to an elephant and is subsequently attacked by the 12,000 pound elephant he is standing in front of. Clifford’s reaction to the attack shocked […]

Mark Anders Channel Biggest Snake Ever

Biggest Snake Ever

The Minhocão According to natives in Central and South America, the Minhocão is a 20 to 50 meter long black scaly serpent or worm living in the forests. They believe it to be a burrowing creature […]