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Bigfoot and the Thick Fit Movement

There seems to be some confusion as to the definition of Thick Fit. Get Thick and Fit, an internet fitness website, describes Thick Fit as:

Fit and Thick is a body positive movement that encourages women to accept and become the best version of themselves through health and fitness.


The word “accept” denotes compromise. Thick Fit is something some women are actually striving for and when someone brings up becoming the the best version of themselves through health and fitness I can’t help but think of Max Outt, the top personal trainer in Southern California.

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Personal Trainer Max Outt

I respond to training and diet better than the overwhelming majority of the population. With my guidance can you be the best that you possibly can be? I’m the top personal trainer in Southern California so you know I deliver results.

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Some in the Bigfoot Community consider the Bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin film, sometimes referred to a “Patty”, as the inspiration, if not the progenitor, of Thick Fit. The movement has been evolving since the camera started rolling on Patty in 1967 as noted by Harry Callahan when referring to the phrase “Squatching out your backside” and the etymology of the term “Squatch”:

They’re saying, “I want to squatch out my rear” . Basically the term “squatch out” your backside means build up. That’s directly related to Sasquatch.

In the video Callahan and Kersey discuss the potential consequences of finding Bigfoot and their inevitable integration into human society through the Personhood movement.

The video:

New York Bigfoot Photo Transcript


thick fit
The Thick Fit movement is gaining momentum.

Harry Callahan: I want to get to the New York Bigfoot but also want to talk about the female Bigfoot. We had an episode called “Thick Fit”. Explain what Thick Fit is.

Paul Kersey: Thick Fit is a craze that’s very popular. This is where they get that Brazilian look, you know? They’re a little bit heavier down in the bottom side.

Harry Callahan: The whole Thick Fit craze is based on the form of the female Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: 100 percent.

Harry Callahan: And so the female Bigfoot is really strong in the gluteus maximus area and the thighs and you have women doing squats and lunges to built up that area.

Paul Kersey: All women are focused on one thing and that’s a big backside.

thick fit
The Thick Fit revolution.

Harry Callahan: Thick Fit doesn’t require women to get super lean. They can have a little bit of extra body fat on them plus they’re not trying to get their thighs real lean. They’re building them up and they’re building up their butt. They’re not saying they want a slimmer rear end. They’re saying, “I want to squatch out my rear” . Basically the term “squatch out” your backside means build up. That’s directly related to Sasquatch.

Paul Kersey: That’s the very definition of Thick Fit. Where does that come from? The female Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: People are hearing the term women are “squatching out” and they’re not relating that to Bigfoot but Squatch is a shortening of Sasquatch and that’s totally Bigfoot.
Paul Kersey: 100%. That’s exactly what that is. Look, there’s popular TV shows based on having a backside like that, the Thick Fit look. You were telling me something, there’s a theory out there that Bigfoot could be human.

bigfoot is human
Bigfoot is increasingly though of as human.

Harry Callahan: Exactly, it used to be that scientists related Bigfoot to gigantopithicus or some ape and they said that it was half man/half ape and now a lot of scientists are saying that it’s a very good possibility that Bigfoot is actually a human that has archaic characteristics.

Paul Kersey: Okay, so if you look like that do you want to be living amongst everyone else in society? No, you’re an outcast. That’s a perfect explanation for why Bigfoot is out there in the woods.

Personhood for chimpanzees is a growing cause.

Harry Callahan: You were talking before about wolf boys.

Paul Kersey: Those guys from Mexico that have hair all over their faces. You want to have to shave your whole head and around your eyes? These people are outcasts. They’re living out in the woods. It that something we’re seeing out there and people are saying “That’s Bigfoot”.

Harry Callahan: You’re saying that possibly with more acceptance from people, Bigfoot may come out in the open. Maybe it feels like it can’t, especially female Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: They’re coming on to their own now with personhood.

Harry Callahan: Right. Right. Right.

Paul Kersey: If they get personhood they’re going to be able to come out of the shadows and live amongst us like anybody else.

Ape and human in 2005’s King Kong.

Harry Callahan: They won’t even know about personhood because they don’t know our rules but people will become more accepting of them and they’ll come up to Bigfoot and they’ll be friendly and they won’t be afraid.

Paul Kersey: The olive branch will come out and there will be friendship and pretty soon they’ll be getting married. They’ll be driving cars.

Harry Callahan: We don’t know about that yet. That’s getting little ahead of things but we do know that personhood and the acceptance of Bigfoot as a homo sapien could be the right direction for Bigfoot.


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