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new york female bigfoot

Bigfoot and Personhood

This episode delves in to personhood. Here’s a definition:

Personhood is the status of being a person. Defining personhood is a controversial topic in philosophy and law and is closely tied with legal and political concepts of citizenship, equality, and liberty. According to law, only a natural person or legal personality has rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities, and legal liability.


Lawyers and animal rights activists are busy trying to push through personhood rights for non-human animals. I say ‘non-human’ animals because humans are part of the Animalia Kingdom according to scientific classification. In 2015 animal personhood lawyers made a great leap with their agenda:

In 2015, for the first time in world history, two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo, were determined to be “legal persons” by being granted a writ of habeas corpus. This means their detainer, Stony Brook University, must provide a legally sufficient reason for their imprisonment. This was reversed shortly thereafter.


Habeas corpus, a legal recourse that allows individuals to challenge their unlawful detention or imprisonment before a court, is a fundamental aspect of justice and human rights. This legal principle has historically been employed to safeguard the liberties of humans who have been wrongly incarcerated. However, in 2015, a momentous shift occurred in the legal landscape that sent ripples through the animal rights and personhood movement.

This significant change was a great breakthrough for animal personhood activists. It marked a turning point in their ongoing battle to secure legal recognition for non-human animals. The ability to file habeas corpus petitions on behalf of animals signaled a growing recognition that animals deserve legal protections from unjust confinement and harm.

These activists are characterized by their patience and their methodical approach to achieving their goals. They understand that real change in the realm of legal rights takes time, perseverance, and strategic efforts. Their ultimate vision extends far beyond merely gaining personhood status for animals; it encompasses a comprehensive reevaluation of human-animal relationships and ethical considerations.

One of the long-term objectives of animal personhood activists is to challenge and potentially dismantle the existence of zoos. They see zoos as institutions that often compromise the well-being and freedom of animals. Their goal is to transform the way society views and interacts with animals, ultimately leading to a world where animals are no longer held in captivity for human entertainment.

Yet, despite the passion and dedication of these activists, the broader public remains largely unaware of their movement and its far-reaching consequences. In the early 21st century, many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of animal personhood and the legal advancements it has brought about. This lack of awareness underscores the need for continued advocacy and education on this issue.

In one intriguing episode of the Mark Anders Channel, the concept of personhood for Bigfoot is pondered. This raises a host of questions and potential implications. If Bigfoot were to be granted personhood, would they be eligible for driver’s licenses, implying a level of self-sufficiency and responsibility? Would there be legal considerations regarding dating and relationships between Bigfoot and humans? These fascinating questions highlight the complex and multifaceted nature of the animal personhood movement and its potential societal impact, emphasizing that the journey towards recognizing the rights of non-human animals is an ongoing and evolving endeavor.

The video:


In the heart of upstate New York, two intrepid explorers, Harry Callahan and Paul Kersey, found themselves embroiled in a conversation of great significance. The topic at hand was no less than the enigmatic female Bigfoot that had been sighted in the Roseboom State Forest.

“Now, this is clearly a female Bigfoot from upstate New York,” Harry Callahan began, his voice tinged with curiosity, “but we don’t know exactly where this is in New York.”

Paul Kersey, the repository of extensive knowledge on such matters, wasted no time in providing an answer. “Yo, Roseboom State Forest,” he declared with an air of confidence.

Harry Callahan nodded, but the mystery was far from solved. “But exactly where in Roseboom, because this is what they call a habituation site, and people are not sharing the exact location of Bigfoot.”

Paul Kersey leaned in, his expression earnest. “They’re trying to protect Bigfoot.”

Harry Callahan, however, couldn’t help but pose a challenging question. “Are they being selfish though?”

Paul Kersey, ever the advocate for these elusive creatures, stood his ground. “Well, it could be one and the same, but don’t you want to protect something like that?”

Harry Callahan conceded, “I certainly do, but we’ve been doing a lot of episodes on female Bigfoot and its influence on popular culture. Just look at the backside in this, just the overall powerlifting structure of this, and that’s what a lot of women are trying to look like these days with the Thick Fit movement.”

Paul Kersey agreed, “Yes, the Thick Fit movement is definitely an influence coming directly from the female Bigfoot.”

As the conversation delved into the potential ramifications of personhood for Bigfoot, a topic that had been making waves, Harry pondered the implications. “Now, if you look at this image, there’s a very human-looking aspect of this. We’ve already talked about how they’re planning on getting Bigfoot personhood, just like chimpanzees are getting personhood.”

Paul Kersey chimed in, “So Bigfoot becomes mainstream. It becomes your neighbor. This is someone you’re dating, this female Bigfoot?”

Harry Callahan couldn’t help but wonder, “Well, it is definitely already becoming a cultural influence, but is this a realistic body image for women?”

Paul Kersey didn’t sugarcoat it. “It’s definitely not. Earlier on, Barbie influenced young girls.”

Harry Callahan interjected, recalling the unfortunate consequences. “And what did that cause?”

Paul Kersey’s response was somber, “It caused eating disorders.”

“Bulimia and anorexia,” Harry Callahan added, recognizing the severity of the issue. “That’s women, but men aren’t particularly influenced by body image disorders.”

Paul Kersey, however, had an interesting point to make. “Hold on a minute. He-Man. They don’t talk a lot about it, but there’s a big influence there.”

Harry Callahan conceded, “Okay, the TV series He-Man, but… Okay, you know what? I’ve just been thinking. You’ve got stuff like the Hulk, the Avengers… you’ve got Thor. You’ve got Wolverine. Superman. And all the action figures.”

Paul Kersey pointed out the harsh reality. “Look at all these guys injecting steroids. Look at all these guys injecting synthol. I mean, come on!”

Harry Callahan contemplated the future. “Insulin and lifting weights like crazy, and are people going to be so influenced by this female Bigfoot that is so unrealistic that there’s just no way to emulate this?”

Paul Kersey remained pragmatic. “I don’t think there’s any way to stop it. The influence is there, and when they get personhood, it’s just going to be mainstream.”

“Women are already squatching out their backsides,” Harry Callahan observed. “We’ve already done reports on how they’re getting silicone surgery and dying from it, getting bigger rear ends.”

Paul Kersey nodded gravely. “Absolutely. People are changing genders. Becoming female Bigfoot or male Bigfoot… that’s not out of the realm of possibilities.”

Harry Callahan couldn’t help but shake his head at the thought. “So, you might have a guy that wants to turn into a female Bigfoot? How are they going to deal with the fur and stuff like that?”

Paul Kersey had a bold vision for the future. “Genetic engineering!”

Harry Callahan couldn’t hide his exasperation. “They’re going to have to change their DNA and get a sagittal crest on their head?”

Paul Kersey remained resolute. “That’s going to become the norm.”

With a sigh, Harry Callahan concluded, “Oh, God.” The conversation had ventured into a realm where human aspirations and fantasies merged with the mysteries of the wild, and the implications were as vast and uncertain as the uncharted territories they sought to explore.

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