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Titanoboa, World’s Biggest Snake

girl and snake
Girl and Snake from Titanoboa

Max Outt, Southern California’s top personal trainer, narrates this Titanoboa awareness episode featuring a shapely blond bather. The animation was accomplished using multiple layers in Adobe’s After Effects program. The scene and atmosphere we created in the video would be great to see recreated in a big budget movie. Snake movies these days tend to be low budget SyFy channel fare. The snakes are generally computer generated and lighted and rendered in such a way that they don’t realistically composite with the real life action. They also weight the snakes in an unnatural manner. They don’t seem to be affected by normal gravity even though the computer programs used to create the animations are supposed to simulate real world physics.

sunny mabrey
Sunny Mabrey in Snakes on a Plane
Teleios digital blood

One snake movie that did hit US theaters was 2006’s Snakes on A Plane. It didn’t do as well as expected in theaters due possibly to being positioned as an action flick when it had a lot of campy comedic qualities. It was pretty good in my estimation and worth seeing just on sexy stewardess Sunny Mabrey alone. Mabrey is featured in 2016’s Teleios, a futuristic movie set in space about genetically enhanced humans sent to investigate violent activities on a deep space mining vessel.

shogun assassin
Tomisaburô Wakayama in Shogun Assassin

Note to filmmakers who employ digital blood: blood does not come out of the body dark red. Fresh blood isn’t as bright as some of the blood in 1970s movies but even a coloration like that found in Shogun Assassin has more emotional impact than dried-blood-colored fresh blood. And does it really up the budget that much to use practical fake blood rather than digital? How about a compromise using digital to augment the practical?

debra paget
Debra Paget in Indian Tomb

If you’re interested in movies featuring snakes and women check out Fritz Lang’s 1959 Indian Tomb, or at least the Debra Paget’s snake charmer scene. In researching Paget I discovered that she was married to Budd Boetticher, one of my favorite directors, but for only 22 days in the early 1960s. You’re in good company if you like Budd Boetticher movies as Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino are featured praising Boetticher’s westerns in the DVD extras of some of Budd’s Randolph Scott westerns. Check out Debra’s snake dance here.

The Mark Anders Titanoboa video:

Mark Anders Titanoboa Transcript


Max Outt, here, adventurer, explorer, and personal trainer.

Titanoboa, the biggest snake ever discovered. From the fossil record we know that Titanoboa lived roughly 60 million years ago, reached up to 50 feet in length, weighed 2500 pounds, and was nearly three feet in diameter …but we’ve got a problem. Because this snake’s fossils were only recently discovered, not enough people know about it. One of my goals is to further people’s awareness of Titanoboa. I want Titanoboa to be as familiar to the public at large as, say, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

girl and titanoboa snake
Still from Mark Anders’ Titanoboa video


The human figure in this video was painstakingly designed to show scale in relation to the massive snake. Human images often accompany pictures of prehistoric or modern animals in order for people to quickly compare and contrast the size of the animal to the species they’re most familiar with. In upcoming videos I’ll unveil grand scale projects designed to grab the public attention and increase and demand their awareness of science, nature, and adventure…but I need your help. I need you to hit the subscribe button to subscribe to this channel. Max Outt!



The Biggest Snake in the World

Monster Titanoboa

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