The History of Calves

bodybuilding and cryptozoology

The Bodybuilding/Cryptozoology Connection

Joe Weider’s pulp adventure magazines.

Both bodybuilding and cryptozoology, the study of hidden animals, are activities that have been around for centuries, if not millennia. Our prehistoric ancestors likely realized that physical activities involving resistance made them stronger as well as stronger looking and who can’t imagine ancient humans being on the lookout for strange beasts rumored to exist. In the 20th century, both bodybuilding and cryptozoology became much more formalized and popular than ever before.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Betty Weider in Weider advertisement.

Their developments had similar roots. Several of the many men’s pulp adventure magazines that relayed stories of Yeti, Bigfoot, and other cryptids were published by Joe Weider, publisher of multiple bodybuilding magazines as well as the man responsible for bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger to the United States. Adventure journals such as True Weird, True Strange, Fury, Safari, Animal Life and Outdoor Adventure were all published by Joe Weider. Countless other magazines like True and Argosy, which featured Bigfoot stories, also contained advertisements for Joe Weider’s bodybuilding products, not to mention Charles Atlas’ Dynamic Tension Courses. Whether it was the quest for the perfect build or a quest for adventure, both bodybuilding and adventure magazines provided information and inspiration.

Adventure magazines often featured cryptozoological and Bigfoot related stories.

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The History of Calves

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