The Patterson Bigfoot vs Other Bigfoot

Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot vs California Bigfoot
Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot vs California Bigfoot

Patterson Bigfoot vs Other Bigfoot, The Mark Anders Channel


Paul Kersey: Is this a dating service for Bigfoot? You’re going to send people out there with these tranquilizer darts and put these two together. You want these two to have babies.

Harry Callahan: What I’m thinking though is that there was someone on that Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty that was speculating about dating Bigfoot. We might be able to set some of our viewers up with a female Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Put it out there. Hey, if you want to maybe possibly get with female Bigfoot leave a comment. Its okay. It is a human. Its going to get personhood. Its not like you’re going to be with an animal.

Harry Callahan: That is why they’re looking for personhood for Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Because they want to mate with Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: No. They’re very famous lawyers. I think one of them worked on the O J Simpson trial. That want to get personhood for great apes like chimpanzees.

Paul Kersey: Does this have a sexual connotation?

Harry Callahan: Well, that’s what we’re talking about. If a species has personhood and people want to have personhood for apes and others also for Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Then you’re allowed to have sex with it.

Harry Callahan: That’s what I’m concerned about. That doesn’t seem right but that might be behind some of this.

Paul Kersey: You might be able to provide a service. You can advertise for this.

Harry Callahan: I don’t want to advertise. I think that’s appalling.

Paul Kersey: But if it gains personhood why would that be appalling?

Harry Callahan: Because something’s legal doesn’t mean its right.

Paul Kersey: If its legal you can’t get in trouble for it.

Harry Callahan: You’re saying that the law, which is made up by humans, is the ultimate law. There’s nothing above it. There’s no natural law or anything else.

Paul Kersey: If people have personal feelings about this stuff…

Harry Callahan: So you’re saying that as long as the Bigfoot is consensual.

Paul Kersey: Yeah.

Harry Callahan: Well, I’d like our viewers to chime in this one.

Paul Kersey: Please chime in on this one because I’m sure that there’s a truck load of people out there that are dying to have sex with Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: You’re talking about die hards. There are die hard Patterson/Gimlin nuts that only think that the Patterson/Gimlin film is real.

Paul Kersey: And we related that to the fact that they are attracted because its a female. If it had been a male it wouldn’t be the same level. It wouldn’t have become what it is.

Harry Callahan: There’s one guy in particular that does all this analysis of every single frame of the Patterson/Gimlin film and blows it up on his wall.

Paul Kersey: Its Bigfoot porn.

Harry Callahan: Yeah, and its a concern. If Bigfoot is given personhood, whats going to happen to these die hard people.

Paul Kersey: Its the natural progression.

Harry Callahan: I think the fetish is not necessarily with the female Bigfoot, which might be understandable given the looks of our Southern California Hollywood Bigfoot which is more voluptuous and has a rounder rear end. But with the Patterson/Gimlin film you have this small amount of people that think that’s the only Bigfoot that could possibly exist. Is there something else behind their attraction.

Paul Kersey: Guys are attracted to all kinds of things including knot holes in trees. Why can’t they be attracted to a Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: Yeah, but they’re attracted to the Patterson/Gimlin thing and its a darn good thing that we’re coming up with other Bigfoot alternatives maybe.

Paul Kersey: Well, a lot better looking.


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