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The City of the Monkey God became an international news story in 2015 but it’s root go back decades:

In 1939, adventurer Theodore Morde claimed to have found a “City of the Monkey God”. However, he never provided a precise location for this, a place that later sources equated with Ciudad Blanca. Morde died before returning to the region to undertake further exploration. Explorer Tibor Sekelj searched for The White City in 1952 on a small, unsuccessful, expedition that was financed by the Ministry of Culture of Honduras.

The good news is that Archaeologists have found a massive pristine un-looted civilization in La Mosquitia, Honduras. The bad news is that deforestation, drug gangs, crooked cops, and treasure hunters threaten the area.

Against a backdrop of Bigfoot and a possible Honduran monkey creature, Callahan and Kersey discuss The Lost City of the Monkey God. Video and transcript below.

lost city of the monkey god

Harry Callahan: Massive Canadian Bigfoot sitting down, resting on one elbow.

Paul Kersey: This is the second time we’ve seen a Bigfoot taking it easy. You don’t normally see that.

Harry Callahan: We have international Bigfoot, this Canadian Bigfoot and, also in the news, a Honduran Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Legend has it there was a large hairy creature, much larger than man, that came in and kidnapped the women, mated with them, and had offspring similar to the monkey and that’s why the city is named…

Harry Callahan
: The Lost City of the Monkey God. It’s newly rediscovered. You can only access it by helicopter. Archaeologist will not reveal the exact location in La Mosquitia, Honduras but it’s a giant civilization, not just one city.

Paul Kersey: So, a lot of things are happening in this area. There’s lot of deforestation going on because there are a lot of ranches and this deforestation is spotty and all over the area and there’s a unique either man-made irrigation duct or natural river but it’s very unique. So,,,,, there’s a good possibility you can find your way into this area and possibly be very rich but there are a number of things in your way like a wild animals.

Harry Callahan: Snakes. You’ve got jaguars. The military is protecting the scientists.

Paul Kersey: Yes, but you’ve got gangs, rival gangs.

Harry Callahan: Within Honduras is San Pedro Sula, which is often ranked as the most dangerous city in the entire world.

Paul Kersey
: Number one on the list and then you’ve got cops on take.

cannibal holocaust

Harry Callahan: So, treasure seekers, tomb raiders, there are enough clues to tell you where this place is but you have to either parachute in from plane or take a helicopter, unless you’re willing and able to hack 12 miles through a jungle.

Paul Kersey: The only way the scientists get there is by helicopter and they’re being protected by British special forces.

Harry Callahan: You’ve got natives.

Paul Kersey: Possibly cannibals and who knows what other kind of creatures are there.

Harry Callahan: And the monkey god, the huge Bigfoot-like creature from Indian lore and history might still be there but now you have scientists scrambling to unearth this civilization. You have treasure hunters that they’re trying to keep away from it but the location can’t be kept a secret forever.

Paul Kersey
: What’s happening in the area now is there’s deforestation going on. There’s a lot of ranches going so they’re cutting away the forest and these ranchers are speckled all over the area so it’s closing in on this pristine overgrown city civilization.


Harry Callahan
: Deforestation is only 12 miles away from this ancient city now and that also gives you an indication of where exactly it is in this  Mosquitia area of Honduras.

Paul Kersey
: There’s fortune waiting for you in Honduras.

Harry Callahan
: So, if you can circumvent the jaguars, the snakes. the gangsters, the military, the cops on the take, and the treasure seekers don’t stop you first, millions is wealth await you.

Paul Kersey: Good luck to you hearty souls!


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