Neanderthal Hybrid Morph Video


Neanderthals got a bad rap for a long time. Artists drew them as sluggish, awkward slumped over creatures holding clubs. People thought of them as dimwits but there’s been a bit of revisionary history probably because a lot of humans have Neanderthal DNA and it’s undeniable that they have 1600 centimeter cubic centimeter cranial capacities, which is larger than the average humans’. The largest Neanderthal cranial capacity was 1736 cc and the skull was found in a cave in Israel. The probable reason the brain was bigger than the 1,600 cc Neanderthal average was because it was 5’10” in height, which is taller than the a lot taller than the average Neanderthal or human for that matter. The average human cranial capacity is between 1200 and 1400 cc but can range from 900 to 2100 cc..

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