15 Foot Komodo Dragons Loose in Salton Sea California

salton sea komodo dragons

Komodo Dragons, Drug Lord pets

salton sea
Salton Sea in Southern California in 2015

I hadn’t even heard of Salton Sea, California until a few years ago. The first images I saw of Salton Sea looked like an apocalyptic wasteland or an abandoned simulated military training town. What it turned out to be were decaying towns built around a 343 square mile sea in the middle of Southern California which was a result of flooding of the Colorado river. Wikipedia provides some of the details:

salton sea
“Greetings from the North Shore Beach, Glamour capital of thee Salton Sea” Salton Sea in  late 1950s/early 1960s

The most recent inflow of water from the now heavily controlled Colorado River was accidentally created by the engineers of the California Development Company in 1905. In an effort to increase water flow into the area for farming, irrigation canals were dug from the Colorado River into the valley. Due to fears of silt buildup, a cut was made in the bank of the Colorado River to further increase the water flow. The resulting outflow overwhelmed the engineered canal, and the river flowed into the Salton Basin for two years, filling the historic dry lake bed and creating the modern sea, before repairs were completed. While it varies in dimensions and area with fluctuations in agricultural runoff and rainfall, the Salton Sea averages 15 miles (24 km) by 35 miles (56 km). With an estimated surface area of 343 square miles (890 km2) or 350 square miles (910 km2), the Salton Sea is the largest lake in California.


salton sea
Salton Sea now

After the flooding, developers realized that the Salton Sea looked like an ocean in the middle of the desert so they started developing marinas and towns around it’s perimeter. In the 1950s and 60s the area was developing like Palm Springs in it’s early days. People were flocking to area for weekend getaways. When we visited the area recently, one property owner pointed out a marina where he said John Wayne used to keep his boat. The party didn’t last long for the Salton Sea as it’s increasingly high salinity and pollution from nearby agricultural runoff started becoming a turn off.

salton sea
Salton Sea volcanos near power plant

I’ve lost track of the amount  of videos we’ve made featuring some aspect of the Salton Sea. The area has trains, a military base, an ‘off the grid’ tax-free squatters town, volcanos, red water(in areas), a marshland, abandoned towns, unexploded ordinances, mountain lions, snakes including rattlers, UFO sightings, pink flamingo sightings, Bigfoot sightings, and we explore Komodo Dragons in our video below.

salton sea
Military base in Salton Sea area

We discuss the proximity to the Mexican Border and drug lords with private, drug funded animal collections dubbed “narco zoos”. The escape or abandonment of dangerous, wild pet animals and their subsequent feral status in unsuspecting communities is an unnerving topic we tackle as well.

The Mark Anders 15 Komodo Dragons in Salton Sea video:

Mark Anders, 15 Foot Komodo Dragons Loose in Salton Sea California Transcript


salton sea
Salton Sea Komodos

Harry Callahan: “We did an episode on over-sized, fifteen foot long Komodo dragons loose in Salton Sea, California.”

Paul Kersey: “People were going nuts! Salton Sea, California? Komodo dragons are from Indonesia.How are they getting into California?”

Harry Callahan: “California? They’ve been all over the United States for decades in zoos, in private collections…”

Paul Kersey: “Now we have drug cartels stocking their own private zoos. Narco zoos. They have lions, tigers, jaguars, giant snakes… lizards! Hippos! Whatever they want.”

Harry Callahan: “They have billions of dollars and the means to buy or smuggle anything.”

komodo dragons
Adventure Magazine Komodo Dragon illustration

Paul Kersey: “There’s evidence of cartels smuggling exotic animals all over the world. There’s a lot of money in it.”

Harry Callahan: “They also smuggle drugs hidden in exotic animals. A Colombian shipment was confiscated with over 300 boa constrictors that were surgically implanted with condoms full of cocaine.”

Paul Kersey: “Narco zoos were popular in South America, caught on in Mexico, now there in the US. ”

Harry Callahan: “Even lower level drug dealer see themselves as top predators and they want top predators in their collections. These animals can be over fed, given growth drugs, resistance training, you name it.”

Paul Kersey: “When they escape or are let loose they end up neighborhood pests. ”

Harry Callahan: “And people wonder how over-sized fifteen-foot long Komodo dragons are running loose in Salton Sea, California.”


komodo dancer
Komodo Dancer, just because…
komodo banner
Mark Anders Salton Sea Komodos Banner

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