Bigfoot and the Self Identification Movement

bigfoot self identification movement

Mark Anders Explores Self Identification and Bigfoot

This episode starts off discussing 6’2″ Olympic Decathlon Champion Bruce Jenner who so self identified with being a woman that he became Caitlyn Jenner. With self identification, people can change their identities, sex, ethnicity, and even species. We examine the possibility that someone could be self identifying with Bigfoot and appropriating all that is Bigfoot. Could this account for some of the sightings? We explore the topic in the video below.

Caitlyn Jenner



Harry Callahan: “We’ve got to go back and readdressed this whole Angeles National Forest Bigfoot.”

Paul Kersey: “The Hollywood Bigfoot.”

Harry Callahan: “Now why do you say the Hollywood Bigfoot?”

Paul Kersey: “Well, it’s very close to the Angeles National Forest. I mean, that’s Hollywood.”

Harry Callahan: “Hollywood is the center of the self-identification movement where people are self identifying outside their groups.”

Paul Kersey: “Well, that’s exactly what’s in the news. Bruce Jenner… Ca- well, he was Bruce Jenner. Now Caitlyn Jenner. ”

Harry Callahan: ” So, guy self identifies with a woman and he takes the steps to look like a woman.”

Paul Kersey: ” That, to me, is self identification that’s going on.”

Harry Callahan: ” Now, there’s other people that self identify with other ethnicities.”

Native American self identification

Paul Kersey:: “Other cultures.”

Harry Callahan: “For example, there’s a lot of Caucasian people that self identify with Native American culture. The wear their hair like a Native american. They wear Native American garbs They do Native American chants. They keep Native American names. They think of themselves as Native American.”

rachel dolezal
Rachel Dolezal

Paul Kersey: “There’s a woman in the news that darkrned her skin with make up. She self identifies as another race.”

Harry Callahan: “So, outside of human beings, there’s people that also identify with animals.”

Paul Kersey: ” Well, there’s that lady in New York City that changed herself into a lion. She was famous.”

jocelyn wildenstein
“Catwoman” Jocelyn Wildenstein

Harry Callahan: “There’s all types of people that go to these body modification conventions and they have leopard tattoos all over their body or they get forked tongues to look like a snake. ”

Paul Kersey: ” They put horns under their skin. They get there bodies changed.”

Harry Callahan: “They sharpen their teeth.”

Paul Kersey: “To look like vampires or be snakes. ”

horned woman
Body modification

HarryCallahan: ” Or wild animals. So how far out of the question is it for people to start modifying themselves to look like Bigfoot?”

Paul Kersey: ” Well. you know what? People are speculating that the Hollywood Bigfoot could possibly be something like this. Now, I’m not saying it is but…”

Harry Callahan: “Is this creature in the Angeles National Forest a normal Homo Sapien that self identified with a Bigfoot and thereby changes it’s look.”

Paul Kersey: “So, if there’s people out there that want to start to look like Bigfoot where’s the starting point? What would they do? Gain weight?”

Harry Callahan: “Well, definitely. If Bigfoot’s 600 pounds then people would have to start doing deadlifts, squats, maybe take steroids.”

Paul Kersey: “Stop shaving.

Harry Callahan: “Hair’s a big issue.”

Paul Kersey: ” Hair’s a huge issue.”

Harry Callahan: “So, yeah. I mean, grow a beard and women stop shaving to look like female Bigfoot possibly?:

Paul Kersey: “Possibly. So there’s a limit to what you can do naturally. Then what? Surgery?”

Harry Callahan: “Plastic surgery. People are already having horns put in their head to look like animals. Why not a sagittal crest or a brow ridge to look like Bigfoot? So, outside of some drastic physical changes to self-identify with Bigfoot, what else can people do?”

Paul Kersey: “They can start tree knocking.”

Harry Callahan: “Okay. They can start making calls in the woods.”

Paul Kersey: “They can leave foot prints in the mud.”

mark anders bigfoot
Human self identifying with Sasquatch?

Harry Callahan: “They can start throwing rocks at hikers.”

Paul Kersey: “Invading campgrounds!”

Harry Callahan: “How about evading cameras?

Paul Kersey: “Or they can make sure every photo they take of themselves is out of focus.”

Harry Callahan: “Except if its taken by the Mark Anders Channel.”

Paul Kersey: ” Amen.”


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