Bigfoot Ape Canyon

Bigfoot Ape Canyon
Bigfoot Ape Canyon

Washington Bigfoot Ape Canyon, Mark Anders Channel


This is video of the Washington State Bigfoot in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, not far from Ape Canyon, so named after a famous 1924 Bigfoot incident. What precipitated the whole Ape Canyon attack in 1924?

Well, you have five prospectors and they have their claim. They’re searching for gold and they come across large footprints and they’re spooked. They can’t make out what these are. These are not human prints.

At night they hear these shrill peculiar whistles and what sounds like a gorilla chest thumping.

So they’re spooked by this thing and when Fred Beck, who related this story, and another miner were gathering water from a nearby spring, they see one, shoot at it, and it gets away. That evening they go back to their cabin and talk to the rest of the group about what had happened and they end up getting attacked that night.

The first time they come upon a Bigfoot, they shoot at it and that very evening they get attacked by a bunch of Bigfoot. Now, they’re in a very sturdy log cabin and there’s ridges and mountains above them.

Above them they’re being attacked by Bigfoot throwing down boulders at their cabin. Some are down on the ground at cabin level trying to attack them.

When the Bigfoot attack they fire back. Bigfoot are at the door, on the roof, one was even thwarted from reaching in the cabin and pulling out an ax.

The attack ended just before daylight. At first light they come out of the cabin because they want to get out of there.

Not long, Fred Beck spots one about eighty yards away from the edge of Ape Canyon, shoots three times, the creature falls 400 feet below down into the gorge.

They want to get of there with their lives. They left most everything behind, just what they could carry with them. They didn’t have time to track it down and actually find out what they killed, but they said it was a Bigfoot.

All that history went down not far from this very Bigfoot. In fact, this could very well be a descendant.


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