Texas Bigfoot VS the Patterson Bigfoot

Mark Anders vs Patterson Bigfoot
Mark Anders vs Patterson Bigfoot

More people are seeing the Mark Anders Texas Bigfoot as the standard Bigfoot but the Mark Anders’ Channel insists there is room for both.

Texas Bigfoot vs Patterson Bigfoot 1, The Mark Anders Channel


Harry Callahan: This is the Texas Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: What part of Texas?

Harry Callahan: Sam Houston National Forest in Texas. I think its Eastern Texas. We have a whole series of Texas Bigfoot and if you watch our playlist you’ll see a lot clearer images of this.

Paul Kersey: Texas is the one that really is vicious.

Harry Callahan: This is the one we’re starting to see on graffiti in different places. We’ve seen the Texas Bigfoot that we’ve presented first and we’re seeing it airbrushed or spray painted on walls in different area.

Paul Kersey: I really think those are warnings for the Texas Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: We had traveled to the Salton Sea and saw a bunch of them out there. Let’s compare this to the Patterson/Gimlin film.

Paul Kersey: There’s no comparison. The Patterson/Gimlin is just a laid back creature compared to the this. Texas is a whole different thing.

Harry Callahan: Texas Bigfoot is a lot more aggressive. It isn’t as tall. Its scrappier.

Paul Kersey: It’s faster on it’s feet. It has maneuverability beyond compare. The Patterson is just lumbering along.

Harry Callahan: You might want to check out our comparison with our female Bigfoot in Angeles National Forest. A big revelation that I want to get to is that there are Bigfoot in the Salton Sea. They’re all over California. We presented the Angeles National Forest Bigfoot which is just 50 miles north of Los Angeles. There have been reports of Bigfoot in Los Angeles.

Paul Kersey: Downtown LA?

Harry Callahan: No, right above it in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Paul Kersey: For some reason the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot seems to be hindered by the breasts. Its pulling it forward. Knocking it off balance.

Harry Callahan: What we’re realizing is that our Angeles National Forest Bigfoot has ample back end to stabilize it’s enormous breasts, The Patterson I guess does kind of have big hips.

Paul Kersey: It doesn’t have the most attractive rear end.

Harry Callahan: No, its kind of flat from side.

Paul Kersey: Its a real disappointment as far as a female.

Harry Callahan: I think people would like our Bigfoot that we captured in the Angeles National Forest. Its nicknamed Angie. I think Angie tops Patty.

Paul Kersey: I think maybe there’s a reason why Patterson/Gimlin is so popular because there’s some sort of titillation. I see none of that.

Harry Callahan: Would this animal- I’m sorry. I don’t mean to call Bigfoot an animal. A lot of people think Bigfoot should get Personhood.

Paul Kersey: No, No, say animal. It’s a wild animal.

Harry Callahan: It might be offensive to some people but which female Bigfoot do you think this Texas Bigfoot would be more attracted to?

Paul Kersey: The Texas Bigfoot discerns nothing. It’s just a raping machine.

Harry Callahan: Oh my gosh!

Paul Kersey: No, the Texas , this is part of it’s DNA. That’s what they’re built for.

Harry Callahan: It sounds like you’re saying now that you’re calling it a rapist. You’re saying that all Texas Bigfoot are rapists.

Paul Kersey: I don’t mean to say rapist. I want to apologize for saying that.

Harry Callahan: When it gets personhood people will be saying you labeled Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: I recognize that this is a vicious animal.

Harry Callahan: If they get personhood should they all go to prison because they’re potential rapists?

Paul Kersey: There’s something to be said for that.

Harry Callahan: You’re on record so you have to be careful.

Paul Kersey: There’s something to be said for that.


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