Jihadists using consumer drones to drop bombs….Coming to Europe!

drone attack
drone attack

TRANSCRIPT(watch video)
British Foreign Office minister, Baroness Anelay, recently revealed that there is increasing evidence that ISIS terrorists are already weaponizing off-the-shelf drones in the Middle East. These drones, already widely used for surveillance, can be fitted with improvised explosive devices and even deadly mustard gas. There is fear that commercially available unmanned drones, like the quadcopters that you can easily buy at hobby or toy stores, will be used for terroristic purposes in Europe. Toy drones have already been used nefariously in the United States and Canada, such as prison yard drug deliveries to inmates and even a handgun delivery at a Quebec prison. One possible solution to drone misuse is to incorporate, what is known as “geo-fencing” technology, into drones, which can stop them from working in certain areas. Technology continues to advance exponentially, along with unforeseen dangers.

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