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chimp attack
The devastating chimp attacks are were facilitated by negligence.

In March 2005, St. James and LaDonna Davis traveled to Animal Haven Ranch, about 30 miles East of Bakersfield, California to celebrate Moe’s birthday. Moe was a 39 year old chimp that had lived with the Davises but had to be removed from their house six years prior in 1999 after he bit off part of a woman’s finger when she reached into his cage.

The Davises carried a birthday cake to Moe’s enclosure to present to the birthday chimp. In an accidentally unlocked adjoining cage were four chimpanzees, two of which would change the Davises life for the worse. Buddy and Ollie, perhaps jealous of the attention Moe was getting or just spiteful of humans, went beserk bitting LaDonna’s hand. They then turned their attention on St. James Davis in a beyond brutal wilding, bitting off most of Mr. Davis’s face and tearing off his foot and testicles.

The sick attack halted when the son-in-law of the animal sanctuary’s owners shot the frenzied duo. Moe and the two other chimps did not participate in the attack.

In 2008 Moe escaped from a compound in Devore, California called Jungle Exotics. It is assume he died somewhere in the wilderness in the Angeles National Forest or the adjacent San Bernardino National Forest. Moe’s body has never been found.

Watch our dramatization of the attack below which starts after a very brief segment on Canadian Bigfoot.


Harry Callahan: The Canadian Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Vancouver, British Columbia.

Harry Callahan: With this Bigfoot you can see that he’s lying back on a rock taking a nap.

Paul Kersey: This is not something you typically see in Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: How come they cant get closer than this, or are they afraid.

Paul Kersey: Well, I mean, anyone in their right mind would be deathly afraid.

Harry Callahan: If people based their fear of Bigfoot on how chimps behave, you’d have a good reason to be afraid .

Paul Kersey: You wouldn’t even take this picture. You’d be running for your life.

Harry Callahan: Take, for example, that case in Bakersfield, California where the chimp…

Paul Kersey: There was one in Bakersfield, California and also one in San Bernadino, California and i think the one in San Bernadino was where the husband and wife that raised the baby chimp up to a full grown adult is where the real attack happened.

Harry Callahan: There was this baby chimp who they raised from birth and became a celebrity chimp. He got several roles in TV shows and movies and things like that. He got unruly at a point and they had to put him in a retirement home for chimps.

Paul Kersey: At some point they just get very very aggressive. They need a mate. They need to be able to run wild.

Harry Callahan: Some of them don’t even have mates. They’re put in a cell by them self and they’re lonely. So, this couple goes and visits their chimp. Its, a two and a half hour drive. They drive to this chimp sanctuary and there’s a door open and there’s four extremely dangerous, one hundred eighty pound adult male chimps on the loose.

Paul Kersey: Well, these animals are very similar to humans so obviously these other chimps, that weren’t getting any attention at all, were extremely jealous.

Harry Callahan: The woman gets her thumb bitten off by one of the chimps so her husband pushes her underneath a park bench for safety.

Paul Kersey: As the other chimps attack this guy, ripping his face apart, poking his eye out, tearing his genitals from his body, and biting his buttocks all the way to the bone, paralyzing him.

Harry Callahan: And mutilating his foot severely and totally ripping off his nose. He has a prosthetic nose now. The guy’s a complete mess, cant do anything on his own. His wife’s got to take care of him. he can’t walk. All the way to the sciatic nerve, the chimp ate into his butt.

Paul Kersey: Back to the the attack, the people that were running this place don’t even show up until 15 minutes after the attack starts happening, with a gun. And these other chimps run wild. They run off. They’re loose.

Harry Callahan: So, he was brutalized for 15 whole minutes and then they gunned down at least a couple of the chimps but some of them are on the loose.

Paul Kersey: Its not made clear, at any point, how many were gunned down and how many were actually loose.

Harry Callahan: Which brings us back to this photo of Bigfoot. Now people look at this and say, “I could have taken a better photo. Look, hes asleep. All you have to do is just get up close to him and take a snapshot.

Paul Kersey: I’d like to know which one of you armchair quarterbacks are going to stand out there in the woods and potentially lose an eye, get your face ripped off, lose your genitals, get your butt bitten out, be paralyzed, and lose a foot over that.


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