Animal Attack

Animal Attack
Animal Attack

Animal Attack


Harry Callahan: Gored to shreds. Yellowstone National Park has warnings. Stay at least 25 yards away from the Bison and that’s if you’re in good shape and can run away. Otherwise you’re screwed.

Paul Kersey: People think that they’re safe with non-predators. They think that since they’re dealing with vegetarians they don’t have to worry about aggression.

Harry Callahan: In their own way, bison can be just as aggressive as bears. They possess weapons that bears don’t. Bears have teeth and claws. Bison have horns and hoofs. They’re also built for ramming . Just their skull alone could kill you.

Paul Kersey: Their tremendous body weight is horrifying especially if they fall on you. If the ball doesn’t kill you immediately it could incapacitate you and they can easily come in and finish you off.

Harry Callahan: Just recently tourist was snapping pictures with his electronic notepad. Not a care in the world, clicking away, edging in closer. He gets within three to five feet of the beast, disregarding the 25-yard rule. Thehulking bison sees red, charges and explodes.

Paul Kersey: The scene was reminiscent of the Running of the Bulls in Spain or a violent rodeo. The four legged steamroller threw the hapless tourists skyward multiple times. The crumpled vacationer was lucky to still at a heartbeat. Strapped to a gurney, he was airlifted to a medical center.

Harry Callahan: A few weeks prior a similar occurrence transpired. A 16-year-old Taiwanese exchange student , at a perilous six feet away from an unpredictable American buffalo, turned her back and was unmercifully gored.

Paul Kersey: The mighty bison are able to sprint three times faster than humans. Posted warnings direct visitors to stay at least 25 yards away. Park goers have to calculate their risks. How fast are you? Are you in an open area where the bison can catch up to you? Are there trees that you can hide behind? Are there people around that can share the brunt of a bison attack?

Harry Callahan: Bison don’t care who you are. They don’t care if you’re a member of PITA, a conservationist, or if you watch Animal Planet. If you get too close, bison will teach you a lesson.


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