Massage and Laser for Hair ReGrowth


Okay, so we came across this article it’s not even an article, it’s a video is featuring Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live and he was talking about other subjects but he also goes off on a tangent about hair loss, out of nowhere.

He was on a talk show and he happened to see himself and said, whoa, I’m losing hair and he’s a young guy. So, he was saying that he went to… I think was the Hair Club for Men. I uh it’s a hair club and treatment. But, I thought he said it was Hair Club for Men. I think so. Okay, I always associated them with actually wearing a wig, like something you put on your head, that’s I thought it was.

I thought they also did hair transplant. I don’t know what’s what. I’m not that familiar with it but what he’s talking about is, to the surprise of the host, he was saying that he had some kind of laser treatment. Now, people have heard about laser treatment for hair, excess hair, you know, like hair removal, right?

Right, and also they have the FDA approval on hair combs and stuff like. I mean laser hair combs, which give you minimum results. There’s different types of lasers and this is a specific type that stimulates the growth, stimulates the hair follicle to start regrowing dormant hair follicle.

Yes, something like that, he’s like, yeah definitely, it’s a given thing and it works, and the talk show hosts like, “what?” I never heard anything like that before and he even says vigorous massage- they’re finding it works and they’re “what?” Because the scalp has calcium buildup, it has a lack of blood flow… He didn’t he didn’t get into that. I mean, there’s an article. Those are some of the things that would be…

Well, there’s an article, there’s somebody online- I can leave links to all these things. There’s an author J.D. Moyer who has an article. We’re going off at a tangent. We’re not even talking about the laser stuff anymore. We’re talking about people that are doing this kind of massage to their head because different techniques work. It stimulate the growth of the hair plus it’s related to this video with Jay Pharoah where he specifically talked about the laser and said you can even do it with massage. He talked about massage too and I guess this guy, J.D. Moyer, went through a whole process and followed it and he had pretty good success.

Yes, he has photographs of it. But it’s not like you’re just, you know, Kneading your hair with your fingers. This is like vigorous stuff where you’re pinching for like 20 minutes twice a day. It sounds almost painful and you really have to be involved and this is like a regiment you
have to follow to get some sort of results and he said something along the lines of it creates what some kind of residue like sebum.

He’s removing the calcium buildup, breaking up calcium buildup, breaking up the stiffness of the scalp and loosening it up, getting blood flow back into the scalp and stimulating hair follicle to start regrowing. So there’s a scientist named Choy that theorizes that hair loss is primary caused by thickness and hardening and a scalp he says bald people have more of a dome-like head shape because of the trapped sebum or scalp grease and he claimed that of all the subjects that were experimenting with his method, ninety percent grew back their hair.

There is stuff out there(new natural treatments for the body or physical improvement)that one hundred percent works. For example, scoliosis treatment. There’s a physical therapist that created some techniques then they can positively effect scoliosis.

And these treatments just involve you dedicating some time to do it right. If you could really get results from this why not go down that road? You don’t even need to go to the hair club or whatever unless you want to go for the lasers but that’s probably quite expensive. Jay Pharoah kind of insinuated that they also can go there for the head massage if you want to. I think it’s less expensive than with the laser but they also do that I mean if you don’t have the time to do the massage yourself you could go down to a masseuse and have it done. You’d have the time because it’s the same time doing massaging yourself or someone else.If you don’t want to be involved manipulating yourself and want to have someone else do it for you.

We’re going to leave links for this and also do a follow up video because there’s also a study that’s in, I’m not sure where it was from, China or somewhere like that, where they plucked out hair. Sometimes your body reacts to stimulus by over compensating almost like a lizard will regrow
a tail. That becomes very tedious right has to be done very measured it has to be done just right and the results aren’t always perfect. For this, it seemed to work. It grew back hair six times for every hair strand that was plucked with individually plucking 200 pairs from your head from a small area. Yeah, it’s difficult. Yeah. your body reacts. There are things out there like I was saying before about the scoliosis that actually work for different physical issues with no drugs, no surgery. Massage is beneficial to everybody. Now massaging your scalp, it’s only going to be healthy. We’ll do another separate video on the hair plucking technique that they’ve actually done scientific experiments that show hair grows back six times. There’s hope out there you!

Plucking Hair a Baldness Cure?

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