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Gunnar Rosbo

When comparing Gunnar Rosbo’s and Ramon Dino’s forearm development, it’s essential to take their respective frame sizes into account. While Dino’s height is listed as 5’11”, Rosbo stands at an imposing 6’2″. Rosbo’s frame exudes a larger-than-life presence that is not only evident in his height but also in his overall size. To highlight the contrast, one can even consider the relative sizes of their heads when compared to notable figures like Joe Gold and Joe Weider; Rosbo’s head appears larger, further emphasizing his substantial frame(see video).

However, despite Rosbo’s commanding presence, the focus here is on their forearm development, where both individuals showcase impressive characteristics. It is particularly noteworthy that both Rosbo and Dino exhibit elongated muscle bellies in their forearms which creates a fuller look. Moreover, they have achieved significant muscle development near the wrist area, creating an illusion of more substantial wrist bones.

Gunnar Rosbo
Gunnar Rosbo

Despite the difference in frame size, it is intriguing to observe that Dino’s forearm muscle structure appears quite similar to Rosbo’s. This is especially remarkable considering the inherent differences in their frames. Dino’s smaller frame, including his wrist bone size, is not as substantial as Rosbo’s, but the resemblance in terms of forearm muscle structure is undeniable.

In a double bicep shot, it becomes evident that Dino’s forearms appear significantly more substantial in proportion to the rest of his body when compared to Rosbo’s. Dino’s brachioradialis and extensors stand out, appearing absolutely massive and impressively well-developed. This visual contrast highlights Dino’s exceptional forearm development and adds to his overall aesthetic.


It’s also important to consider the context of the times in which these bodybuilders trained. Gunnar Rosbo competed in the early 1980s, a period when the use of performance-enhancing supplements and steroids did not include insulin, tren, and a few other aids. In contrast, during Dino’s era, the use of supplements and performance enhancers is even more prevalent and availability of such substances undoubtedly impact the muscle mass potential of today’s bodybuilders, which makes Rosbo’s remarkable forearm development all the more impressive.

In the end, the comparison of Gunnar Rosbo’s and Ramon Dino’s forearm development highlights the diversity of body types and the unique ways in which individuals can achieve outstanding muscle development. While Rosbo’s imposing frame and overall size are a testament to his presence in the world of bodybuilding, Dino’s exceptional forearm development and its proportionality to his frame demonstrate the power of genetics, dedication, and the era in which a bodybuilder competes. Both individuals have left their mark in the realm of bodybuilding, showcasing the endless possibilities for achieving impressive muscle development and aesthetics.

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