Pennsylvania Bigfoot Looks Like Texas Bigfoot

Texas Bigfoot
Texas Bigfoot

David Faulk’s Bigfoot encounter as described in the comments under the accompanying video. It looked like the Texas Bigfoot in our video.

ill say this i had a very close encounter with one me my mother and brother about 16yrs ago in pittsburgh pa between mt oliver and woods run road (st clair) is the neighborhood where the sighting took place and me and this guy stared at each other for about 15 secounds before he turned around and stared into the woods behind my house like we just didnt have a intersting staring match i was no more than 3 or 4 feet away frm him staring out the window of my house in the back yard i could have literally reach out and touch him on the head and not to mention my house is on a hill so the house is on a hill so the frnt of the house is short and the back is very tall the first floor windows in the front of the house are just about 3 and half feet from the ground but in the back they are about 10 feet high and this. creature (and i use the term creature lightly) was just under the window about half a foot he had been more terrifying than any movie or hoax if seen yet he looked far more man in the face than u can imagine but he definitely had a little ape to his features. like homo erectus and modern mans face together he looked africanish native americanish his nose was like yours and mine but almost flat and very very wide like some african tribes like bush men he had beard tht covered his face he was very wide(broad) and muscular. no man is this massive and tall and smelled the way he does his eyes were big and bright they did slightly reflect light like cats eyes but not the same color and yes there was alot of light so i and he could see each other well he then walkd off into the woods lookin back as he leaves every 20 yrds or so and he was not fleeing or anything he was casually walking away it took about 60secounds and he was gone. the woods (thickets)are about 50 yrds frm my house. if this photo is fake its the most realest thing close to my encounter ive seen yet!! so either this is someone who really really knows what they look like or its the real thing!!!!!! i showed my mother and brother and they couldnt beleive the resemblance either!!! i mean if u want to know what they really look like this is fucking it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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