Neanderthal Art

neanderthal art

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There’s a story in the news about Neanderthal paintings in Spain and they’re now dating these Neanderthal paintings on cave walls to be 68,000 years ago and created specifically by Neanderthals. Previously, they thought these paintings were done by basically modern type humans.

“Neanderthals were not smart. They weren’t creative. They weren’t the smartest species, right?”

Well, that’s what they first believed. In fact, the initial genus and species of Neanderthal… this isn’t a joke, they’re going to call them Homo stupidus instead of Homo sapien. That was the first thing before Homo neanderthalensis. It was almost going to be called stupid.

Because he had no redeeming qualities, any sense, they had no smarts whatsoever, right? They had no intelligence at all, right?

Just based on the way they looked despite the fact they had larger brain cases then he modern-type humans. It was just based on an assumption. Totally wrong.

But now they’re kind of changing their whole thought process around this because here’s some fantastic artwork. Well, they’re saying it’s from Neanderthal.

And, so, this is where we need Mark Anders viewers help on this. If you look at this imagery, some of that portion of the cave painting in Spain. Okay, they have something that looks like a little ladder and then within the ladder they have a little area that looks… and this is an artist’s representation for for clarity. This is not done by Mark Anders. This is a back-end of some kind of reindeer type of animal.

To me, it look like pens, not ladders, but actual pens where they–

Exactly, that’s what I thought actually.

In these areas maybe they were raising these animals.

Exactly, I thought the same thing myself. I’m just going by what they had said in the article. They said they look like ladders. They look like they’re animals and pens. I agree 100%.

I think they burn like you’re ranchers. You know, they were farming.

It’s a possibility.

What strikes out more than anything is now is this imagery on the right with this bow shape thing and this thing that looks like a propeller. What do you think that looks like? And let me just say to the people watching us… you’re looking at images on a cave wall that are actual photographs. These drawings, I think these were done in 1913. These are old representations of what they artists saw when he looked at this cave painting but what do you think? They don’t know so your opinions as good as anybody else’s and our viewers can comment below. What does it look like? What do you think it looks like?

The most important thing here to know is that Neanderthals were the ones that created this. To me, it looks like a humming bird. I’m just have that image in my mind of a hummingbird for some reason and that’ kind of what it looks like to me. So turn this image turn this side. This looks like the head here that look like the head this is the beak and then those three lines on the back represent to me the wings of the hummingbird and this looks like maybe the tail, possibly the tail, but what is this whole thing here? Who knows what that is? I don’t know what that piece is maybe that’s part of the flower that the hummingbird was on landed on.

That’s a stem. That’s just a piece cut out that’s part of the stem of the plant. We can’t see the rest. They didn’t finish this artwork.

They’re dating this by material deposited on top of the painting but these paintings could be painted over so they could be layers of paintings over centuries for all we know. But just basing on what is actually there now I would go less by the drawing that someone did in 1913, or whenever this drawing was done, and more by the actual photograph of on this wall. I see this as the head. I see this as the torso. I see this as an arm. I see this as a leg bent, even though this foot looks backwards and this is a leg… that’s going forward. This looks like it could possibly be a bow,as in bow and arrow,and this could be quivers or something containing arrows on its back but I see this more as a human figure. The thing I keep in mind when I’m looking at this is they didn’t have trained artists back then, didn’t have large populations where you could have variations in talent. This is like whoever’s on hand just happened to do their representation.

I think this was an important communication between the other tribes. Local tribes in this area, maybe in all of Spain, and the thing that I know–

Let me just say that these are so remote that they’re hard to find. I don’t see how they’re communicating with other people.

Well, they’re deep inside caves. Maybe this is a ceremony that they all partake in and they they, all know, this particular image represents some sort of communication. Also, how do they develop this pigment? I mean they’re developing this and everyone knows how to use this same pigment. There’s a lot of communication going on here.

You make a good point. Let’s just say they’re the equivalent of logos in that there’s something that a Neanderthal could easily recognize because they’ve seen this before. If they’re drawing these in caves then they’re preserved for thousands of years. If they’re drawing these on bark or in dirt or something like that then they wouldn’t be preserved.

Those are the ones no one’s finding. Maybe this is like a Coca-Cola image, you know, this is a brand.

They could be ubiquitous but we never would know just based on seeing one of these images in one cave. So, some of our viewers can comment on this. Your opinions as good as anyone’s and especially because scientists aren’t coming up with anything. They don’t know what this is so what do you think it is?

Take a look at it see what you can come up with.

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