neanderthal skull

Surviving Neanderthals

Transcript: (Video Above) Scientists have updated the time period Neanderthals were absorbed into the rest of the Homo sapien population. They used to believe they went extinct between 40,000 to 42,000 years ago. Now, they […]

Homo naledi

Homo Naledi

Transcript: (Video Above) Scientists are going to have to reassess what it means to be a species because we already found that humans have anywhere from two to three percent Neanderthal DNA plus there’s this […]



Transcript: (Video Above) There’s an evolutionary psychologist named Gordon Gallup who’s saying that a former University instructor of his informed him that, at a Center in Orange Park, Florida, there was a experiment conducted where […]

neanderthal art

Neanderthal Art

Transcript: (Video Above) There’s a story in the news about Neanderthal paintings in Spain and they’re now dating these Neanderthal paintings on cave walls to be 68,000 years ago and created specifically by Neanderthals. Previously, […]