Arnold Schwarzenegger to Bodybuilders: Stop Shaking!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bans Shaky Bodybuilders

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been running a bodybuilding contest and expo in Columbus, Ohio called the Arnold Classic for more than two decades. He recently published a video admonishing bodybuilders who shake while posing in his contest. The judging in modern bodybuilding requires bodybuilders to have a grainy or dry look which is acquired basically by losing every last trace of excess water just below the skin which could blur definition. Having the dry, grainy look is a depleted unhealthy state to be in and some bodybuilders shake when they pose as a result. When Arnold was competing they didn’t have to be dry or grainy. The terms dry or grainy as they relate to a physical condition in bodybuilding didn’t even exist when Arnold was competing. The bottom line is that, in order to be competitive, bodybuilders are required to be in an unhealthy, depleted state but if they physically show signs of being in an unhealthy physical state he doesn’t want them in his contest.

Our commentary:

Mark Anders Channel, Arnold Schwarzenegger says No Shaking in Bodybuilding Transcript


When I first saw the title of the video, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: No Shaking in Bodybuilding, I thought he would be addressing bodybuilders who incorporate effeminate hip hop moves into their routine. I thought he was beginning to clamp down on something akin to the ridiculous thongs competitors are inflicting on the audience these days. But, okay, bodybuilders shaking on stage due to mineral depletion, or whatever, is something that reflects negatively on the Arnold Classic bodybuilding contest. After all, its his contest. But what about the men and women who take male hormones or growth hormone, insulin, and synthol in order to have the appearance of enough muscle to compete? How many professions on earth do humans have to take artificial, life shortening drugs in order to do their jobs effectively? Has anyone addressed the self conscious, spandex wearing, imaginary lat syndromed, synthol abusing, body dismorphic, bigorexians or the wide shouldered, vascular, square jawed he-women who attend the contest that petrify the greater Columbus Metropolitan area as citizens anticipate, with great apprehension and fear, the freak show that inevitably wreaks havoc once a year in Ohio.

Strides are being made even though rampant, unhealthy illegal drug use, which any competitor could go to prison for is, on the back burner because, now, if you visibly demonstrate the results of your unhealthy fasting or diuretic use which seems to be required these days to have a “dry” or “grainy” look, a conditioning level which competitors in Arnold’s competitive era never had to have, then you’ve stepped over the line.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s anti-wobbly rhetoric:

Andreas Munzer, Graininess, and Bad Skin

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