Biggest Gorillas In the World

Biggest Gorillas In The World
Biggest Gorillas In The World

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Amidst their adventurous broadcast in the remote jungle, Paul Kersey and Harry Callahan delved into a topic that seemed stranger than fiction – the astonishing tales of drug cartels and their seemingly unlimited financial resources. Their conversation shed light on the bizarre and disturbing practices funded by these criminal organizations.

Harry Callahan: (intoning in disbelief) A lot of information is coming out about drug cartels. They’ve got an unlimited money supply, and some of the things they’re funding are just nuts. They’ve got their own zoos that authorities are calling narco zoos.

Paul Kersey: (shaking his head) Look, drug cartels are feeding their enemies to wild animals and staging gladiator-like contests.

Harry Callahan: (drawing parallels) It’s like ancient Rome all over again. It started out that the cartels would just put their enemies in cages and watch the animals attack the helpless victims. Now, they’re building small arenas like mini Coliseums, where they give their captives swords and maces and have them do battle against animals like gorillas.

Paul Kersey: (utterly astonished) They’re loading these animals up with steroids and letting them loose.

Harry Callahan: (reflecting) These guys are like dictators. This is reminiscent of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Paul Kersey: (adding a dystopian twist) Yeah, he wanted to fund his own private ape army, human hybrids.

Harry Callahan: (imagining the scenario) Terminator apes doped up on roids.

Paul Kersey: (discussing accessibility) You can get all the steroids you want in Mexico. They are totally legal.

Harry Callahan: (exposing the reality) Yeah, you can dope up these animals full of steroids, growth hormone…they even give the gladiators drugs to hype them up. The US made these drugs illegal in the United States. A lot of bodybuilders have to go down to Mexico to get them.

Paul Kersey: (revealing a favorite) Lowland gorillas are a favorite of the cartel.

Harry Callahan: (discussing enhancements) Yeah, those things are freakishly strong.

Paul Kersey: (shedding light on the process) They pump them full of drugs.

Harry Callahan: (emphasizing the transformation) They double their body weight, and they’re twice as aggressive.

Paul Kersey: (painting a dark picture) So you have modern-day gladiators battling giant gorillas and who knows what other animals.

Harry Callahan: (enlightening on scientific boundaries) They’re not only taking steroids but they’re altering their DNA.

Paul Kersey: (highlighting limitations) There are so many things scientists can do in other countries that you just can’t do here.

Harry Callahan: (projecting into the future) Yeah, and stuff like stem cell research.

Paul Kersey: (sharing an anecdote) Just the other day I overheard this guy talking about going to Mexico to get stem cell therapy.

Harry Callahan: (envisaging possibilities) Yeah, and that’s another big thing. Pretty soon you’re gonna have ninety-year-olds looking like they’re 40 with all the stem cell therapies. And everybody’s going to be able to benefit from it but not right now. You can only get stuff like that in Mexico.

Paul Kersey: (summarizing) There’s a lot of helpful stuff, but there’s a lot of crazy stuff like these gorillas.

Harry Callahan: (offering a different perspective) But is that negative? Give cable television 10 years, and they’ll be doing superhuman versus mega gorilla reality shows. The cartels are on the cutting edge.

In the heart of the jungle, the adventurers contemplated a world where the unimaginable seemed to be evolving right before their eyes, leaving them with a sense of awe and concern about the boundaries of human curiosity and ambition.

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