Texas Bigfoot vs Patterson Bigfoot 2

Mark Anders vs Patterson Bigfoot
Mark Anders vs Patterson Bigfoot

The Texas Bigfoot vs. Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot: An Intriguing Comparison

In the world of Bigfoot enthusiasts, the debate between the Texas Bigfoot and the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot has taken center stage. While both these cryptids have gained attention over the years, the fascination seems to be leaning more towards the elusive Texan counterpart, overshadowing the iconic Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot. In this discussion, we aim to explore the differences between these two legendary creatures and their intriguing connection.

The Texas Bigfoot, often characterized by its scrappy and elusive nature, has garnered attention for its mysterious appearances captured on camera. While some believe it to be an entirely different species, others speculate that it might be a descendant or distant cousin of the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot, which was famously filmed in Northern California over 50 years ago.

One of the primary distinctions between the two is the geographical location. The original Patterson/Gimlin footage was shot in the forests of Northern California, which has been a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings. However, recent reports have extended the reach of Bigfoot sightings to the Santa Monica Mountains, just above Los Angeles, and even to the Salton Sea area.

While the California Bigfoot has a long-established presence in popular culture, researchers have been intrigued by the wild sightings of Bigfoot in new locations, particularly around the Salton Sea. The area surrounding the Salton Sea, often referred to as a man-made mistake, has been in the limelight due to the emergence of feral Komodo dragons and monitor lizards. The images of these creatures in this apocalyptic landscape have piqued the interest of Bigfoot hunters.

The question of how these reptiles ended up in this region has led to a fascinating discussion. Some speculate that the proximity of the Mexican border may have played a role in these creatures finding their way into this peculiar environment. The Salton Sea area has transformed into a unique ecosystem, attracting the attention of researchers and explorers eager to uncover its mysteries.

In conclusion, the ongoing fascination with the Texas Bigfoot has not diminished the significance of the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot in the world of cryptid enthusiasts. Instead, it has ignited a curiosity about the possible connections between different Bigfoot sightings across various regions. The appearance of feral Komodo dragons near the Salton Sea adds an extra layer of intrigue to this already captivating subject.

As researchers continue to investigate the mysteries of Bigfoot and its elusive nature, one thing remains clear: the world of cryptids is full of surprises and unexpected discoveries, making it an exciting field of exploration for enthusiasts and researchers alike.

Texas Bigfoot vs Patterson/Gimlin Video Transcript

Many people believe our Texas Bigfoot is overshadowing the Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot but we still think the Patterson film has merit.

Texas Bigfoot vs Patterson Bigfoot 2, The Mark Anders Channel


Harry Callahan: This is the Patterson/Gimlin vs the scrappy Texas Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: This is the Texas Bigfoot?

Harry Callahan: Of course it is. You don’t recognize the scrappyness?

Paul Kersey: No. I do not. This must be a different Texas Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: No. Its the same one. The other one was just shot into the light. It was all taken at the same time.

Paul Kersey: Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe I’m seeing a similarity to the Patterson/Gimlin and this might be the male companion to the Patterson/Gimlin.

Harry Callahan: I don’t know. These are separated by about 40 years. You think this Bigfoot looks like the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot?

Paul Kersey: This Bigfoot could be a descendant.

Harry Callahan: This is a male Bigfoot and the Patterson/Gimlin is clearly a female Bigfoot.

Paul Kersey: Well, females have babies and this could be a descendant, a long lost cousin, of the California Patty Bigfoot.

Harry Callahan: We’re talking about this Texas Bigfoot vs the Northern California, Willow Creek, Bluff Creek Bigfoot and one of the biggest revelations to me is how California Bigfoot are. The original Patterson Gimlin footage was in Northern California. We’ve discovered that they’re 50 miles above Los Angeles and now there’re reports that they’re right above Los Angeles near the Hollywood Hills in the Santa Monica Mountains. Now, we’re hearing so many tales, we’ve yet to get any footage, that they’re in the Salton Sea area of California which is this huge man-made ocean, its really a sea or lake, but its huge.

Paul Kersey: Its a man made mistake is what it is.

Harry Callahan: But it was thriving at one time as a seaside resort that rivaled Palm Springs. It had celebrities like Frank Sinatra and other celebrities of the day.

Paul Kersey: I think the most important thing here is coming to the realization that the Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot has no attractiveness whatsoever as a female.

Harry Callahan: We had a comparison of the Patterson/Gimlin vs the Angeles National Forest Bigfoot and she’s way better looking than the P/G footage. What I want to bring to the people is the Komodo dragon footage in the Salton Sea. We have photos. We want to visit the area and seek out the area where they were spotted. We’re not talking about a zoo where you can see Komodo Dragons. We’re not talking about Indonesia. You can can see them wild in Indonesia but you have to go to Indonesia. We’re talking about wild loose Komodo Dragons and monitor lizards that are feral that were introduced to the area. I don’t know how they got Komodo dragons. They must have brought them over as babies.

Paul Kersey: The borders right there. How do you think they got over.

Harry Callahan: You’re saying Mexico.

Paul Kersey: Absolutely. There’s no doubt doubt about it. There’s no question in my mind.

Harry Callahan: I want to put the photographs up at some point. You’ve got to see this stuff. The area is nuts. It looks like the apocalypse. You’ll know what we’re talking it about when we show it.

Paul Kersey: We’ve talked in past episodes about the Angeles National Forest being a wild place with homeless and people being let out of prison but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Salton Sea and the areas that are beholden to it. Its unbelievable.

Harry Callahan: We’ll bring that to you. Stay tuned.

Paul Kersey: It will make your mind swim.


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